Intelligent High Speed Bidirectional Real Time File Replication with IPv6 for Telecommunications

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/

intelligent encrypted file transfer

Intelligent encrypted file transfer

EnduraData, Inc. released EDpCloud(TM) real time bidirectional cross platform file replication for telecommunications, governmental agencies and other businesses. The new version of EDpCloud supports IP version 6 and improved data transfer speeds by 15%.

EDpCloud is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, Open Solaris, AIX and other Unix platforms.

All communications and data transfers are encrypted using AES 128 bit by default. Encryption can also be configured to use other encryption schemes as well.

EDpCloud has enhanced and made its data transfer engine faster, thru a more streamlined process for replicating and synchronizing data which led to a 15% increase in throughput.

EDpCloud for telecoms allows the industry to synchronize data in real time between all cluster nodes within a single geographic location and between cluster nodes located in many geographic locations, hence, making data redundant and available for processing in many locations. Furthermore, EDpCloud also aggregates data from many nodes into single or multiple nodes, ensuring data is available in a central location for processing, analytics or for data protection and content consolidation or distribution.

“Businesses can now sync data between data centers, within data centers and between nodes distributed around the globe, using different storage media and different file systems,” said Mike Praus, EnduraData’s vice president.

“When data changes in one place, EDpCloud will make the same changes in one or more location for data distribution purposes or to achieve complete system redundancy. This is useful for telecoms and other companies that are distributed. The multi path capability of EDpCloud allows data delivery using multiple paths. If a path fails or is unavailable, EDpCloud will fail-over to using any other available communication paths to ensure data is delivered on time as needed. Data transmission starts from where it left off without the need to start over or to resend the same data again,” added Praus.

EDpCloud has dedupe built in, it sends only the parts of the data that changed. This reduces the bandwidth usage and compresses the time required to synchronize content.

EDpCloud is used by health care insurance, health care providers, clinical research organizations to replicate data and exchange data between remote locations, by managed service providers to protect data and by government agencies to automate workflow for rapid decision making.

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About EnduraData

EnduraData is a software company based in Eden Prairie, MN, USA. Founded in 2006, the company designs data management software solutions and provides services for businesses and government agencies.

EnduraData’s software includes EDpCloud(TM), a software solution used to automate data protection, remote file mirroring, data distribution, data aggregation and data synchronization between remote geographic locations.

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