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To deliver intelligence and data to users where and when needed the most, at the lowest cost possible, and serve our stakeholders, employees, and community.

"Your data when needed and where needed for the good of businesses and agencies who serve humanity's progress."

We focus on unstructured data replication and file synchronization for data protection, workflow and process automation, and knowledge management.

About EnduraData:

We recognize that data is the new currency of business in the 21st century. Our goal is to help heavily data dependent organizations in the health care, financial, and government sectors have access to a secure, fast, reliable, and cost-effective cross-platform data synchronization and backup solution to enhance data protection, reduce risks and leverage data for decision making.

Our data replication software solutions increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve data security. We are committed to not only provide the best tools, but also the best possible customer service. We proudly stand behind our work. We make sure that our team is always available so your organization's data and processes are always available.

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     Our select team of engineers has implemented mission-critical applications at organizations such as:

    • Social Security Administration
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Rail Road Retirement Plan
    • NOAA
    • US Navy
    • NASA
    • Reuters
    • AOL
    • Bloomberg
    • Very large health care: payers and providers
    • Universities
    • Clinical research organizations
    • Large distributed law firms

    Our company’s leadership and members of our core teams are drawn from a variety of universities, government agencies, and technology companies such as: 

    • Quantum
    • Sun Microsystems
    • Adaptec
    • IBM
    • Tricord systems
    • Alcatel
    • National Science Foundation
    • University of Minnesota
    • Reuters
    • France Telecom
    • National Remote Sensing center
    • National territory surveillance
    • Cray Research
    • NASA

    Our unique blend of deeply talented employees with a wide variety of different backgrounds and experiences allows us to innovate efficient solutions to some of the most complex data issues and challenges.

    We believe that no organization should have to sacrifice speed, efficiency, or affordability for security. We are driven to create solutions that give large and small organizations automated data synchronization and backup services that are reliable, cost efficient, and protect all the organizations’ vital data from theft, tampering, corruption, or lossRead more about our humble beginnings.

    Our History


    • December 2006

      EnduraData was born after selling Constant Data to Bakbone software and after it outsourced our jobs to India. A. A. El Haddi founded EnduraData on December 30th 2006( linkedin profile, Google Scholar ). El Haddi holds an MBA, an MS in computer science and an MS and DE in soil physics. El Haddi is a senior member of IEEE and IEEE computer society. El Haddi is a member of ACM.ORG. He holds certificates from MIT, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, SANS, Sun, Informix and other US government agencies.

    • JULY 2007

      Release of TAMDA file sharing software.

    • Aug 2008

      Release of file replication for Linux.

    • SEPT 2008

      Release of file replication for Mac and Solaris.

    • JULY 2009

      Release of ROSADRIVE file sharing. A web based solution. Release of Windows File replication.

    • OCTOBER 2010

      Release of CASA: A Content archiver solution.

    • DECEMBER 2010

      Release of real time bidirectional file replication for Windows and Linux

    • JAN 2011-2023

      Update releases. New products ... Consult blog for post 2017 news.

    Founded in 2006, EnduraData’s innovative software solutions transform the way data is secured, accessed and shared. EnduraData’s solutions give teams and individuals the opportunity to leverage data for more efficient business processes, better decision-making, flexibility and analytics.

    With over 30 years of experience, our solutions have been used for data storage, data synchronization, and data management in various sectors ranging from government airborne systems to wall street, national labs, etc.

    It was in these industries that our engineers designed solutions to power life and mission critical applications at places like NASA, NOAA, DOD, AOL, Bloomberg, the National Weather Service, Healthcare providers, Clinical Research, Health insurance, Social Security Administration, Medicaid, Medicare, just to name a few.

    Our combined knowledge enabled our engineers’ software and innovations to continue to power some of the most critical applications in the marketplace today.

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