Avoid any chances of back doors by foreign spy agencies.

Unlike most of our competitors, not a single line of our code was written in Russia, India or China.  Some competitors’ code bounced back and fourth between India and China. The Chinese agencies may have inserted code to also copy customers’ data (Using one byte for the customer site and one byte for the foreign spy agencies(data leaks)).

Bidirectional, Multi Directional, Automated Secure & Cross Platform File Replication.

EnduraData is the first to implement full granular and control of data replication. Control destinations, inclusions, exclusions, directions, etc. File level and byte level replication.

EnduraData is all about data replication software for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD, UNIX.

Our solutions and services enable businesses and governments to leverage, protect, share, move and sync data
between business processes, systems and locations.


      • File mirroring & remote copy
      • Real time data replication & file synchronization
      • Data aggregation
      • Data delivery
      • Data protection & backup
      • Data migration
      • Data movement & ingestion.
      • Process automation
      • Workflow automation
      • Data sharing
      • Process automation
      • Solutions integration
      • Ubiquitous data streaming
      • Automated reporting
      • Complex problem solving.
      • Sync anywhere
      • Heterogeneous operating systems
      • Multiple branch offices
      • Multiples cities or countries
      • Multiple Servers
      • Multiple VMs
      • Multiple clouds vendors.

Your Cost and risk reduction PARTNERS.

Discover how you can increase operational efficiency while reducing risks and costs.



    • Mirror files in real time and automatically between systems and geographic locations.
    • Protect data on servers, laptops, virtual machines, NAS, SAN & DAS.
    • Migrate data between servers, VMs, clouds, data centers, appliances.
    • Automate data movement, data distribution and file synchronization between sites, servers, data centers, clouds and branch offices.
Customers Testimonials

Versatile, Automatic & Secure Data Synchronization Software

  • The automated and secure data replication software solution is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD and other UNIX flavors
  • This a software only solution for businesses and government agencies
  • Use your own server hardware, VMs, your own infrastructure & storage or different cloud providers
  • Replicate between multiple sites and platforms or multiple clouds.

Protect, Migrate, Aggregate, Distribute & Leverage Data.

Solve Complex Problems.

The file replication software automates data synchronization and data protection for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD and other UNIX.

Automatic, real time, scheduled and on demand data replication software.

  • Real time data replication software

    Monitors and replicates file changes in real time

  • Scheduled file replication software

    Flexible scheduling of file replication

  • On demand/Ad Hoc file replication software

    Replicate data on demand as needed

  • Automatic & fast & secure file synchronization software

    Achieve significant cost and error reductions.

Server and file mirroring solutions for businesses and governments.

  • EDpCloud ™ real time data synchronization is a software only solution for agencies and businesses. The software moves and mirrors data automatically and securely between customers branch offices, data centers, geographic locations, clouds and different operating systems.

    EnduraData™ provides the software and services. You provide your own storage. You have full control over your data.

  • With EDpCloud software, you can:

      • Replicate & synchronize data between systems, geographic locations and multiple clouds
      • Use your own infrastructure, the cloud or both to protect data
      • Leverage data, migrate it or share it
      • Leverage your infrastructure and your data
      • Automate data delivery
      • Automate data ingestion
      • Automate data aggregation
      • Automate data migration
      • Consolidate backups.

Windows and Linux bidirectional file server replication

  • Synchronize and replicate data in real time between Windows servers and virtual machines anywhere: on premise, in the cloud, between clouds, between states and countries.

    Windows bidirectional file replication

    Replicate any data over any network and over any distance. Use Windows unidirectional or bi-directional replication (as well as multi-directional).

  • Synchronize and replicate data in real time between Linux virtual machines and physical machines. Synchronise and mirror data between different sites as well as different systems.

    linux real time bidirectional file replication

    Replicate deltas and file changes or make entire new copies. EDpCloud can be configured to replicate data in unidirectional, bi-directional or multi-directional fashion.

Automate file sync & reduce costs and risks

  • Automates data protection

    Real time or scheduled replication automates file sync.

  • Automates data movement

    Reduces risks of data loss, data leaks and operational costs.

  • Automates workflow

    Delivers and distributes data between applications and business processes.

  • Fast, reliable and secure

    Reduce errors, uncertainty, labor costs and leverage data.

Replicate, sync & mirror data automatically

Sync data between sites in different countries

Do you have operations and branch offices in different locations?
EnduraData’s software solutions will help you automate data synchronisation, file replication and mirroring between different systems in different locations.

Questions? Call 952-746-4160  

With EDpCloud software, you can:

  • Replicate & synchronize data between systems, geographic locations and multiple clouds
  • Use your own infrastructure, the cloud or both to protect data
  • Leverage data, migrate it or share it
  • Leverage your infrastructure and your data
  • Automate data delivery
  • Automate data ingestion
  • Automate data aggregation
  • Automate data migration
  • Consolidate backups.

Leverage your investments & your data.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure

    Leverage your data centers, branch offices

  • Replicate to the cloud

    Replicate data to or from the cloud and between clouds

  • Replicate between Operating systems

    Replicate & Sync between Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX

  • Run on VMs, Laptops or Servers

    Use your own VMs, VMs in the cloud, PaaS or your own servers.

Email or call 952-746-4160 to break vendor lockin and to automate your data mirroring.

Use your existing infrastructure & storage or other clouds.

Replicate to any data center, between data centers, branch offices and between various cloud providers. EDpCloud is for physical machines, virtual machines, the cloud or any other combinations.

Contact EnduraData for more information or call 952-746-4160


Flexible file replication:

Chose one or a combination of these types of data replication and file synchronization:

  • Continuous real time
  • Periodic scheduled
  • Ad-hoc and on demand
  • A combination of scheduled, Ad-hoc & real time replication.

Replication infrastructure:

With EDpCloud data replication software you can replicate data from and to different environments:

  • Physical to physical machines
  • Physical to virtual
  • Virtual to virtual
  • All combinations.

Protect and sync your data with EDpCloud data synchronization software.

Download EDpCloud now and start syncing
Read EnduraData blog and learn about ransomware
hybrid sync

Automatic data synchronization software solutions

Synchronize data to the cloud, between clouds, between private sites. EDpCloud is an automated cross platform file mirroring and sync solution.

share data

Sync and Mirror Anywhere

Synchronize files: Sends file changes (deltas) to reduce bandwidth requirements. Compresses and encrypts data before it leaves the premises to prevent data leaks.


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Secure your data synchronization when data moves between sites and when data is stored. Avoid data leaks and preserve your digital assets.

synchronize PCs and Servers

Synchronize data between PCs, Servers, Macs

EDpCloud data synchronization software will protect your data by synchronizing it between Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris and other UNIX operating systems.

Sync and save money

Reduce your costs with automatic file synchronization

Reduce costs, reduce errors and risks with automated data synchronization between platforms and locations. Improve efficiency.

file sharing

Automated and secure data replication

Aggregate and share data between business processes. Distribute data to partners automatically. Share data between remote offices.

EDpCloud will reduce costs and risks of data loss:

EDpCloud is a cost effective data replication software solution that reduces your risks of data loss, data leaks and it improves business processes.


EDpCloud for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris and UNIX syncs, aggregates, protects and migrates data.

Replicate and sync data from multiple locations to a single location using private or public networks. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Many to one data synchronization and backup software.

Use EDpCloud to replicate data between sites and between different operating systems.

EDpCloud automates and secures data synchronization from remote systems and offices to your desired locations (on premise, to the cloud or to a secure bunker). EDpCloud will deliver data to one or more systems of your choice (Your own systems or your own cloud provider. EnduraData will help you get there). You have full control of what will be sent and when it will be sent. Create a policy to transfer data and EDpCloud does the rest. EDpCloud will perform bidirectional file replication and mirroring of entire file systems, directories or files. Use policies to decide what to include and what to exclude.

Replicate files from one location or system to many locations and systems. Share data and files with remote branch offices.

EDpCloud Cross Platform Data Replication Software Suite

EDpCloud is a data synchronization software suite. It is a cross platform file replication solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and UNIX.

EDpCloud synchronizes and mirrors files to many locations and from many locations. It automates data protection and makes data available to applications and for decision making. With EDpCloud, there is no need to restore. Data is available for use, from one or more locations immediately after it is synchronized. Simply point to your data to use it.

— EDpCloud protects data and makes it available for decision making —

Enterprise Data Replication Software

EDpCloud is an Enterprise data replication software solution for businesses and for government agencies.

With EDpCloud, you can:

  • Sync files between many locations
  • Sync data from one location to many other locations
  • Replicate files from Linux to Windows, Windows to Linux, AIX, Solaris or other UNIX
  • Mirror data between local or remote systems
  • Mirror files in real time between Windows and Windows or between Windows and Linux
  • Mirror files between Linux and Windows and vice-versa
  • Aggregate content and data from multiple locations to a single location
  • Consolidate backups and protect data in real time
  • Backup to the cloud or to your other remote data center
  • Mirror data between data centers, the cloud or partners.

Call us : 952-746-4160

Support different OPerating systems

  • Replicate Linux

    Replicate files to and from Linux to any.

  • Replicate Windows

    Replicate files from Windows and to Windows (ie to/from Linux).

  • Replicate Mac

    Replicate data between Mac, Linux, Windows, AIX, UNIX.

  • Replicate AIX

    Replicate data between AIX, Linux, Windows, UNIX.

  • Replicate Solaris

    Replicate data between Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac, UNIX.

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Real Time File Replication and Data Synchronization Software.

EDpCloud is a file replication and file synchronization software solution for businesses and agencies.

It runs on your own infrastructure, servers and it replicates to your own servers, public, private or hybrid clouds.

A quick read that summarizes what is EDpCloud software.

EDpCloud is a data replication software solution used to mirror data between different operating systems, different sites and branch offices.

EDpCloud mirrors and synchronizes files in real time.

What else do you need to know?

  • It encrypts data
  • It is automated
  • It sends only the portion of the files that changed

Watch other explainer videos

EnduraData data synchronization software is a solution that synchronizes, replicates and mirrors files between geographic locations and heterogeneous systems. Data is mirrored for both protection and for use in distributed applications and operations.

Why EDpCloud?

EDpCloud is a real time data synchronization software for enterprise platforms. It syncs data between servers on the LAN, WAN and between private and public clouds. Use EDpCloud with your own existing infrastructure or with other infrastructure providers.

Sync files between systems and sites.


"EDpCloud works perfectly and seamlessly in our environment. With so much data to replicate, this product is efficient and it is hard to realize that it there doing its job in the background. If you ever need EnduraData's support, they are always there if you need any assistance. They are prompt and talented. I highly recommend EDpCloud and EnduraData for anyone looking for real time file replication and file mirroring."
J. Baker, IT Manager

“EnduraData's software performed very well. EnduraData engineers went beyond the call of duty to assist our
company whenever we needed them. As always, they are very responsive. I am very satisfied with their

Senior Operations Engineer, Very Large Healthcare corp.

"Support helped us solve integration issues quickly and professionally. EDpCloud is rock solid and its performance is outstanding."

K.B, System administrator

“This is the first time that we were able to complete the synchronization of over two terabytes of data and over two and a half million files back and forth daily between the two countries. EnduraData’s support was very helpful in assisting us with configuring and in getting the project finished on time and under budget.” 

Titus Tucan, JSS Sr. Network Engineer

Protect Data

  • Synchronize data between branch offices.

    Secure data movement between applications and staff.

  • Avoid data leaks.

    Deliver data securely to the right people and processes.

  • Protect your valuable data.

    Automate your remote backup. Reduce windows of vulnerability with real time sync.

  • Leverage data for decision making.

    Aggregate data from multiple locations and sources. Deliver it to analytic applications and make timely decisions based on data.

    EDpCloud software mirrors data between servers, virtual machines or clouds.

    EDpCloud is used to automate data transfer between heterogeneous systems, cloud providers and branch offices.

    EDpCloud is available for the following operating systems:

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • Other UNIX.

    Call 952-746-4160 to get your free trial software.

    Install, configure and start running in less than 5 minutes.

    Leverage Data

    • Aggregate data from multiple locations to a central location.

      Make data available in real time to all business processes, applications and people.

    • Deliver data from one location to multiple locations.

      Replicate data in real time from one site to many sites.

    • Disaster tolerance, disaster escape and disaster avoidance.

      Reduce your windows of vulnerability and reduce risks by using EDpCloud.

    Try EDpCloud demo today for free. Our engineers will help you. EDpCloud is easy to install and configure. Your team will be up and running in a few minutes.

    Download EDpCloud now

    EDpCloud Real Time Cross Platform Data Synchronization Software

    EDpCloud is a cross platform file replication and data synchronization software solution for the enterprise. It synchronizes data in real time automatically between remote offices, remote heterogeneous operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX and other UNIX systems. Install it, configure it and let it sync data automatically and securely between PCs, Macs and Servers. The software monitors file changes and sends only the parts of the file that changed(deltas). This protects data and reduces windows of vulnerability, risks and costs.

    Data replication software for multiple uses

      • Leverage data for decision making
      • Make data available to remote users
      • Share data between applications
      • Sync data between partners.
      • Protect data from leaks & loss
      • Encrypt in transit and at rest
      • Continuous data protection
      • Sync in real time, on demand or in a scheduled manner.

    Reduce costs and risks with EDpCloud data replication software

    Use EDpCloud data replication software to mirror files, distribute data, protect data and automate tasks.

    With EDpCloud, you can automate:

    • data protection
    • data migration
    • data transfer
    • data distribution
    • work flow
    • data availability to global teams and partners.

    What other challenges do you need solved?

    • Need to update prices across the globe? No problem
    • Want to distribute content between many offices, stores, clinics or plants? No problem
    • Move data from multiple operating systems to another operating system? No problem
    • Desire to keep your data secure in transit and at rest? No problem
    • Need to backup many different systems running different OSs to one or more locations? No problem
    • Want o make data available to many other applications? No problem
    • Protect your data in real time? No problem
    • Keep multiple archives of the same file or directory or file system? No problem
    • Automate other tasks? No problem.

    Additional data protection resources for system administrators, managers and security staff.

    We gathered some resources here for the IT staff that may help before, during and after a crisis:

    Resouces for IT staff

    Please let us know if you want any other resources added here.

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