File sync, File Replication and Data Migration Software

Windows to Windows Bidirectional Real Time Replication.

Linux replication two directions

Linux to Linux Bidirectional Real Time Replication.

Windows and Linux multi directional file replication

Buisness data replication and data synchronization solutions

Transfer and transport data automatically

Synchronize data

Deliver data in real time automatically

  • Transfer data from and to anywhere
  • Transfer data from and to any storage
  • Transfer data from and to any operating system
  • Transfer data in real time, on demand or scheduled
  • Quickly move files of any size anywhere.
  • Sync and deliver perishable and non perishable data in real time to many locations and systems
  • Aggregate and ingest critical data feeds from many locations to one or many locations and systems
  • Migrate, replicate and sync large data repositories and archives to, and from many systems,  locations and clouds
  • Sync data between branch offices, data centers and multiple clouds
  • Automate workflows.

EnduraData™ EDpCloud™ is an enterprise file replication and file sync software. EDpCloud is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD, UNIX.

 EnduraData's solutions and services enable businesses and governments to sync, protect, share, move and migrate data between business processes, systems and locations.

Unidirectional, Bidirectional & Multi Directional File Sync Replication Software

Replicate only deltas and file changes or make entire new copies. EDpCloud can be configured to replicate data in a unidirectional, bi-directional, or multi-directional fashion.

Replicate and mirror files and any data over any network and over any distance. Use Windows or Linux unidirectional or bi-directional replication software to sync data between sites(as well as multi-directional).

File sync and file replication software

Multidirectional file replication

Enterprise Cross-Platform File Replication Software

EDpCloud is a cross platform file replication and data synchronization software solution for the enterprise. It synchronizes data in real time between remote offices and remote heterogeneous operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX and other UNIX systems. Install it, configure it and let it sync data automatically and securely between PCs, Macs and Servers. The server replication software monitors file changes and sends only the parts of the file that changed (deltas). The solution protects data and reduces windows of vulnerability, risks and costs.

Technology solutions for business and agency digital transformation

  • File mirroring & remote copy
  • Real time data replication & file synchronization software
  • Data aggregation
  • Data delivery
  • Data protection & backup
  • Data migration
  • File Sync
  • Data movement
  • Bi-directional replication
  • Data ingestion.
  • Ransomware tolerance
  • Avoiding vendor lock in
  • Process automation
  • Workflow automation
  • Data sharing
  • Process automation
  • Solutions integration
  • Automated reporting
  • Multi-directional sync
  • Delta and differential file sync software
  • Complex problem solving.

Versatile file replication software for Linux, Windows and UNIX OSs

Synchronize, backup, copy and move data automatically and securely between Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD virtual machines or servers located anywhere in the world.

EnduraData file sync and file replication software move and transfer data automatically and efficiently  between systems,  different storage, clusters, LANs, WANs,  metro areas and geolocations.

  • Move data automatically, securely and efficiently between sites, clouds and different operating systems
  • Stream data to the cloud and between remote sites
  • Deliver data to business processes, analytics and BI
  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Deliver, install and deploy packages and data
  • Automate data, software and applications delivery and deployments.

Automate data flow, aggregation, ingestion and processing

EDpCloud streamlines data ingestion and data flow to analytics and other processes using built in hooks, and call backs to invoke external applications before sending or receiving data. This capabilities help automate, and create workflows and integrate with business applications. The possibilities and challenges solved and cost reductions for DevOps are limitless.



EnduraData EDpCloud is a highly scalable File Sync software. The  multidirectional  file replication and synchronization  solution is fault tolerant and works with the majority of operating systems. The file sync and  replication software solution allows servers and virtual machines running different operating systems to synchronize files between them.

Install — Configure and let data sync across regions, systems, clouds and hardware. The file sync software is efficient and scalable.

We care about your data: Zero code from China! Zero code from Russia. No one byte for you and no one byte for them protocols.

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Want to protect your customers' data?

Want to protect your data?

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Automated File Sync & Backup Software

Use EDpCloud to backup and protect data by synchronizing and replicating files to one or more servers and to one or more remote geographic sites.

EDpCloud is one of the best Linux file sync and data replication software solutions. It automates file transfer, and synchronizes data in real time, and in a bidirectional fashion between systems, and geographic sites.

EDpCloud automates data transfer between different operating systems as well:

  • Transfer, replicate, and sync data from windows to Linux
  • Transfer and replicate from Linux to Windows or other Unix flavors
  • Sync files between most operating systems.
  • Improve disaster recovery chances
  • Guard against man made disasters
  • Share and transfer data between regions
  • Backup & protect data from disasters
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Improve business processes and efficiency.

Template Virtual to Physical Machines 01 EDpCloud software mirrors data between servers, virtual machines or clouds. Platforms to Cloud 02 EDpCloud is used to automate data transfer between heterogeneous systems, cloud providers and branch offices. Physical to Virtual Machines 03 Synchronize and replicate data in real time between virtual machines and physical machines. Synchronise and mirror data between different sites as well as different systems. Cloud to Platform 04 Synchronize and replicate data in real time between servers and virtual machines anywhere: on premise, in the cloud, between clouds, between states and countries. Cloud to Cloud 05 Replicate data to or from the cloud and between clouds. Big Data Aggregation, Cluster to Cluster 06 EDpCloud easily adapts to your data warehousing and Big Data architecture. geographical-file-synchronization Image showing file replication between platforms and the cloud. physical-to-virtual-machines file replication and transfer between the cloud and on platforms file replication and synchronization between different cloud providers. Big data aggregation between sites, clusters and systems file sync and data replication between virtual and physical machines. Versatile File Replication

Replicate & Sync Files In Real Time Between Different Storage, Different Servers, Different Operating Systems, Different Clouds, Different Sites, or Different VMs.

Find out how to integrate EDpCloud file sync and replication with your workflow.

Integrate EDpCloud real time file sync and replication software with your workflow to synchronize data automatically between different sites, different servers and different operating systems.

Contact an engineer now or call 1-952-746-4160

Data Migration Software & Solutions

Use EDpCloud as a data migration tool to:

  • Synchronize data, run pre and post processing to ingest data automatically to applications and to databases
  • Streamline operations and workflows
  • Migrate data between sites
  • Migrate data between hardware.

Data Migration Services

EnduraData helps customers with data migrations. These include but are not limited for:

  • Migrating data between applications
  • Migrating applications to different platforms and operating systems
  • Migrating databases
  • Migrating workloads
  • Migrate data to & between clouds.

Why EDpCloud File Sync & File Replication?

EDpCloud is a cost-effective file sync and  data replication software solution that reduces risks of data loss, data leaks, and it improves business processes. Use existing server hardware, VMs, existing infrastructure, storage or different cloud providers. Use the software to sync and replicate files between multiple sites, multiple platforms, and between multiple clouds.

 cross-platform file replication and synchronization software can be used to reduce risks, costs and to increase efficiency.
 Manage your Data Automatically and Securely.



Enterprise Data Replication Solutions Reduce Costs and Risks & Improve Productivity.

Discover how you can increase operational efficiency while reducing risks and costs. EnduraData replication solutions mirror and replicate files in real time, using a schedule or on-demand.

The Linux replication mirrors and synchronizes data between virtual machines, physical machines, clouds and more.





EnduraData Services

EnduraData™ provides the software and services. You provide your own servers & storage. You have full control over your data on your servers or in the cloud.

Start replicating in less than 5 minutes

Configure EDpCloud enterprise file replication and go do other tasks. Data replication will run automatically to move and protect data securely.


EnduraData support and services will help you deploy and integrate EDpCloud solutions with your operations and workflow.

Example of Agencies and Businesses Helped by EnduraData Engineers

These companies and agencies were helped by EnduraData’s engineers to solve their data management challenges:

  • AOL
  • Bloomberg
  • NOAA
  • US DOJ
  • US Navy
  • NASA
  • Reuters
  • Netherlands national weather service
  • US national weather service
  • University of Minnesota
  • United Technolgies
  • Very large data storage company.
  • Very large health care insurance
  • Very large health care provider
  • Universities
  • Managed service providers
  • Clinical research organizations
  • Large distributed law firms
  • Large telecoms
  • Canadian nuclear regulatory commission
  • The State of North Carolina
  • Hawk Technologies
  • T-Mobile.

Testimonials about EDpCloud FileSync Software

"EDpCloud works perfectly and seamlessly in our environment. With so much data to replicate, this product is efficient and it is hard to realize that it there doing its job in the background. If you ever need EnduraData's support, they are always there if you need any assistance. They are prompt and talented. I highly recommend EDpCloud and EnduraData for anyone looking for real time file replication and file mirroring"


"EnduraData's software performed very well. EnduraData engineers went beyond the call of duty to assist our company whenever we needed them. As always, they are very responsive. I am very satisfied with their work"


"Support helped us solve integration issues quickly and professionally. EDpCloud is rock solid and its performance is outstanding"


"This is the first time that we were able to complete the synchronization of over two terabytes of data and over two and a half million files back and forth daily between the two countries. EnduraData’s support was very helpful in assisting us with configuring and in getting the project finished on time and under budget"

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