Backup and Synchronize Data.

Backup and Sync between branch offices

EDpCloud software, when installed in multiple branch offices, will allow you to backup and sync files between remote locations. Each branch office will serve as a backup for one or more branch offices, therefore reducing backup costs and data loss risks. For example companies with branch offices in multiple cities can configure EDpCloud to send data in a multi-directional configuration between sites to allow each branch office to sync its data to one or more remote branches.

How does backup and sync work

You configure the real time replication and let it sync data automatically

  • With EDpCloud you can designate what directories, file systems or drives you want to backup and sync
  • EDpCloud will monitor file changes in the directories about
  • EDpCloud will send the file changes to the remote site.

You use a schedule to backup and sync files at various time intervals

  • You create a schedule for each branch office
  • The schedule  will send the data automatically at the times you want.

First you install EDpCloud software on a server or a VM in each branch office. Then you configure the servers and VMs to backup and sync files to other VMs or servers in  the same branch office which you also configure to replicate and backup data to the remote branch office. Alternatively you can configure servers, VMs or lap tops to synchronize data directly to one or more remote branch offices. In the first case you have at least three copies of the data as
NIST and CERT advise:

  • One copy on the original device
  • One copy on the local branch office server
  • One or more copies of the data on one or more servers at one or more branch offices.

What do you need for backup and sync

  1. EDpCloud file replication software
  2. A VM or server on the local site
  3. A VM or server on the remote site
  4. Your own storage
  5. A network that connects the VMs/Servers and the remove VM/servers. The two VMs or servers must be able to reach each other using an IP or a hostname.

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