Protect and leverage data automatically by replicating across platforms and sites.

EnduraData file replication is trusted by agencies, universities, clinics, health care companies, managed service providers, legal firms and financial firms to deliver data, sync it, protect it.

EDpCloud synchronizes data in your data center, in the cloud or wherever you want it to run. It runs on physical machines, virtual machines or in the cloud.

Be free! Leverage your own hardware, PaaS or the cloud.

Replicate and synchronize data between different storage, operating systems, hardware and locations.


Some Features of EDpCloud File Replication Software

  • Filter using include file name patterns
  • Filter using exclude file name patterns
  • Filter using dates and times
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • SSL certificates
  • Access control
  • Management console
  • CLI or browser management
  • Archives
  • Snapshots
  • Adaptive compression
  • Parallel transfer streams and I/O
  • Control CPU & network usage with resource allocation
  • Replicate metadata
  • Supports VMs
  • Supports Physical machines
  • Supports Linux containers
  • Real time, Scheduled or On demand/Adhoc data replication
  • Replicate and access control lists
  • Control replication & transfer times
  • Pause file replication automatically as needed
  • Resume file replication
  • Reduce vulnerability windows
  • Flexible replication and transfer topologies
  • Replicate from one source to many destinations
  • Replicate from many sources to many destinations
  • Improve ransomware tolerance.

    One to Many File Replication

    Use EDpCloud real time data synchronization software to move data automatically from one location to many locations. Keep all locations in sync.

    Synchronize files from many locations to a single location. Or use a mesh to create complex data movement and synchronization topologies to meet your needs.


    EDpCloud Real time and scheduled data replication software for the enterprise and SMB will help you protect and leverage your data.

    EnduraData's EDpCloud cross platform file replication and data synchronization software solution will help you protect your data by synchronizing it in real time to one or more remote locations.

    Many to One File Replication



     In case of a disaster, your data is readily available for use without the need of a lengthy restore. Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Lose it and you risk going out of business.

    Leak it and the costs and risks to you will be astronomical. Leverage your data and gain a competitive edge.

    Replicate between branch offices, partners, to the cloud and between clouds.

    Let EnduraData's data synchronization software move your data between geographic sites. Let it mirror files between servers running the same or different operating systems. Let EnduraData help you cut costs and risks.

    Extremely fast & reliable file replication and data synchronization software solution.

    We leveraged our experiences working on high speed communications, parallel computing, file systems, storage and Intel to perfect the performance, reliability and security of EDpCloud data synchronization software.

    EnduraData listened to engineers, system administrators, storage network managers, operations and data scientists to come up with what they need: EDpCloud. One solution for many of IT's and Operations' major challenges: How can we protect and leverage data.

    Other Features of EDpCloud File Replication Software

    • Replicate from many sites to one or more sites
    • Create a hub-spoke replication configurations
    • Create replication trees to cascade content
    • Bidirectional server replication and file mirroring
    • Replicate between different storage
    • Replicate data between different operating systems
    • Works in LAN, WAN, etc.
    • Replicate from VMs or to VMs
    • Replicate from/to physical machines
    • Replicate between branch offices
    • Cross platform replication software: Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, UNIX
    • Low memory footprint and high performance
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Reporting
    • Audit logs
    • History of transactions on all sides
    • Use any type of storage
    • Multiple transport streams
    • Multiple delivery paths for fault tolerance.

    Configure EDpCloud and go do other tasks


      Any changes on the local system will be replicated to one or more remote systems.


      Fulfill your contracts and obligations by delivering data when needed.


      You can replicate in real time or create replication schedules.


      Replicate as needed.


      Create as many snapshots and you need, in one or many locations.


      Call EDpCloud from your own applications to replicate data on demand.

    Download EDpCloud Software Now

    Your backups and file synchronization will be automated and secured

    EDpCloud is flexible. It offers you real time replication, scheduled replication or on demand replication. Furthermore, EDpCloud can be managed using a CLI or a web browser. You can use the CLI to integrate the solution with applications and operations.

    Check out how EDpCloud will reduce costs, risks and increase efficiency:

    Reduce risks of data loss
    Global Data distribution and bi-directional replication

    Install, Configure and forget about it

    Want to move data automatically between offices? data centers? or between clouds? You are running Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX or other Unix?

    Want to exchange data automatically and securely between branch offices or partners? Want to migrate data? Want to protect data?

    Simply install and configure EDpCloud automated secure file replication and let it do the rest.

    Learn More

    Sync all your files to one or more servers located on the same LAN or to data centers in a different country or continent.

    Tell me more

    Create simple or complex configurations. Use CLI to manage and integrate with your workflow and operations or use a browser to configure and manage. Pause replication as needed. EDpCloud will continue to keep track of the file changes and apply them when you resume EDpCloud.

    Not happy with your cloud provider?

    EDpCloud will help you migrate from one cloud provider to another one. Don't want to trust your data to the cloud provider?

     Encrypt it before it leaves the data center or provide your own hosting or colo. EDpCloud is versatile. It works on your existing infrastructure or other cloud providers. EnduraData will be there to help you solve these challenges.

    Read more about EDpCloud features.

    When we noticed our customers move clinical data, commerce or intelligence data between countries, we optimized for latency as well as for protecting data from leaks. We spent years moving data around the globe. We learned from it and we put that knowledge in EDpCloud to help customers move and secure their digital assets.

    "We make data move faster between all places in a secure way"

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