Automatic File Synchronization Software Reduces Costs and Risks

Enterprise File Transfer, Automatic File Synchronization and File Replication

By using EDpCloud's automatic file synchronization software and replication capabilities, you will automate file transfer across the enterprise, share content between branch offices and leverage your existing investments.

The automated file replication software works on all existing platforms and allows businesses and government agencies to synchronize data securely and automatically between Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX.

EDpCloud  increases business processes' efficiency and output, to reduce costs and to reduce risks.

Enterprise Software For Automatic and Secure Data Movement, File Synchronization and Mirroring Between Mac Windows Linux Solaris AIX:

Sync, aggregate data between systems and regions.

The following are some examples of how EDpCloud will contribute to your company’s bottom line:

  • Replicate data automatically and reduce labor costs
  • Automate processes and increase efficiency
  • Automate continuous data protection
  • Reduce errors and risks
  • Increase data protection and tolerate disasters
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Leverage data
  • Leverage existing infrastructure

Automated data backup and file mirroring

0.1 EDpCloud is a cross platform file replication and synchronization solution that automates the following tasks:

  • File mirroring ( online mirroring for windows, linux, mac, unix)
  • File sync (data synchronization: PC sync, VM sync, Server sync)
  • File backup (windows backup, mac backup
  • Data backup (online backup, remote backup etc).

0.3 Automatic file and fast remote copy

  • Batch copy files
  • Fast file copy
  • Desktop sync
  • Realtime sync
  • Batch file copy folders
  • Bulk file and folder remote copy
  • Copy only delta's and the file differences
  • Automatic file copy between systems
  • Automate file copy between sites

0.2 Synchronize data between many operating systems

  • Synchronize folders windows 10
  • Synchronize folders windows 7
  • Synchronize folders windows 2012
  • Synchronize files and folders for windows 2003
  • Synchronize files and folders for windows XP
  • Synchronize data for Linux on intel
  • Synchronize data for Linux on IBM Power
  • Synchronize data for AIX
  • Synchronize data for Solaris
  • Synchronize data for most UNIX systems.

0.4 Backup files from and to many operating systems:

  • Backup files to windows, from windows to Linux
  • Backup data from Solaris to Linux, AIX
  • Data Migration

    Migrate and sync data between clouds, systems and OSs.

  • File synchronization to clouds

    Sync files to the cloud, between clouds and within the enterprise.

  • File tranfer and replication between systems

    Synchronize data automatically and securely between different hardware and operating systems.

  • Real time sync between systems and remote sites

    Replicate data, in real time, securely and automatically between branch offices and geographic locations.

  • Support of Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX.

    Support of replication between major operating systems on different hardware.

  • Synchronize files, replicate data & share data

    Mirror & replicate files between remote sites. Make it available for partners, staff in many locations.

  • Support of virtual & physical machines

    Synchronize files between virtual machines and physical machines

  • Move, distribute & aggregate data automatically

    Distribute and aggregate data to and between geographic sites. Consolidate backups.

  • Securely share, synchronize and send large files

    Synchronize and replicate large files and file systems. Send logs to remote sites for audits.

  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs & risks

    Automatically replicate and protect data and Automatically transfer files between sites.

  • Continuous replication & synchronization

    Automatic continuous data protection in real time and with encryption.

  • Synchronization over LAN, WAN, Internet or private network

    Synchronize and replicate data over any network and distance.

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