Control Data Flow and File synchronization with EDpCloud

EDpCloud software solution for data flow and file synchronization

EnduraData EDpCloud is a versatile software-only solution used to manage data flow, file transfer, and data movement from the edge to the data center and from the data center to the edge, on-premise, to the cloud, and between clouds.
real time data distribution from one site to many sites

Data flow and file replication between clusters or other nodes

Data can be sent automatically from one cluster to many other clusters, from physical machines or virtual machines or containers.

EDpCloud can be configured to :

  • Send data from one node or host to another node, host of VM.
  • Send data from many nodes to a single or multiple nodes
  • Send data in a bidirectional fashion to synchronize multiple nodes with each other.

Any data changes in one node or container are synchronized with one or more nodes or containers, thus mirroring two or more nodes or containers in the same or different clusters with each other.

Bidirectional real time file sync and data replication
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Data flow and transfer from the edge to one or many centers

EDpCloud can be configured to send and replicate file changes in real-time, on-demand using a CLI or in a scheduled mode. Applications and scripts can also queue files and directories for replication on demand.

The sending and receiving hosts, virtual machines, or containers can invoke a post or pre-processing script to pass data to other applications for ingestion into databases or for analysis. The receiving end can queue back the processed data and distribute it to the edge or other locations.

Multi directional and multi way file sync and replication

Multi-directional file replication. Anything that changes in one system is propagated to the other systems or virtual machines.

Backup and sync files for data aggregation -- transparent

Any file changes that take place on any of the systems are propagated to one or more systems of VMs for consolidation or for data protection purposes.

Data flow and file replication with filtering policies

EDpCloud can be configured to send and replicate certain file patterns and/or exclude certain file patterns using regular expressions. Data can be passed to other applications for ingestion or other processing, as shown in the next figure. Additional information is shown in the infographic at the end of this article.

sync files, ingest and process data

Pausing and resuming Data flow and transfer

System administrators can create schedules to pause and resume replication at specific times. When replication is paused, file changes continue to be logged, and replication will resume from where it left off after the replication resume command is invoked. Pause and resume of replication can be called from scripts, schedules, applications, or command lines.

Data flow between cloud providers

EDpCloud software solution can be deployed on-premise and on different clouds. Administrators can configure EDpCloud to replicate and transfer files between various cloud providers, between nodes on-premise, or using a combination of on-premise and the cloud.

sync files, post and pre processing infographic
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