EnduraData Releases EDpCloud Version 6.0.9: Enhanced Linux Data Replication and File Transfer Solutions

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EnduraData Announces the Launch of EDpCloud Linux and Windows file replication and synchronization version 6.0.9

EnduraData Announces the Launch of EDpCloud Version 6.0.9 Linux Data Replication

Eden Prairie, MN — April 29th, 2024—EnduraData, a leader in cross-platform data replication and file synchronization, is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of EDpCloud version 6.0.9. This latest release introduces enhancements and critical fixes that significantly improve the Linux file replication, data transfer, and system performance.

Enhancements to File System Operations

EDpCloud v6.0.9 has addressed and refined several critical aspects of file-system interactions:

  • Improved handling of extended attributes and ACLs, notably within ScoutFS environments.
  • Enhanced efficiency in attribute retrieval operations, substantially reducing system overheating.
  • Decreased frequency of system calls such as lstat and stat enhances overall performance.
  • Enforced stricter security checks, permissions, and ACL evaluations for real-time mounted file systems.

Optimization and Security Improvements

The new version delivers crucial technical improvements aimed at boosting the reliability and security:

  • Integration efforts for ScoutFS with EDpCloud have been added to allow seamless functionality in future updates.
  • Blockages on interrupt signals are introduced for critical utilities to enhance the stability.
  • Implemented a fix for the mio test tool, which previously encountered errors in non-existent directories. mio tool is used for testing and demo purposes.

Performance Upgrades

In pursuit of optimal performance, EDpCloud v6.0.9, introduces several adjustments:

  • Modifications of default settings for socket buffer size and data transmission capacity.
  • Optimization of the maximum payload size for data replication tasks.
  • New options for users to fine-tune socket parameters to suit their network environments better.

User-Centric Features and Fixes

Responding to user feedback, EnduraData adds and refines several features:

  •  An option to exit the edq process if a specified source path does not exist to prevent unnecessary operations.
  • Enhanced file name handling by removing redundant slashes in path names and improving the path resolution.
  • Enhanced CPU efficiency by yielding the CPU when the journal was empty, reducing unnecessary CPU overhead.
  • Added flexibility to the edcmpf directory and file comparison tool, allowing users to specify row sizes during comparisons.

With the release of EDpCloud version 6.0.9, we continue our commitment to providing our clients with the most robust, secure, and efficient data management solutions available today,” said A. El Haddi, CTO of EnduraData. “This update is a pivotal step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance the performance and security of our cross-platform file synchronization and replication solutions.”

EDpCloud v6.0.9, is available for immediate downloads. Current customers are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the new features and improvements. New customers can explore EDpCloud’s diverse capabilities by visiting https://www.enduradata.com

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EnduraData designs software solutions that enable automated data synchronization and file transfer across different platforms and environments, thereby helping businesses manage their data more effectively and securely. With clients ranging from government agencies to large enterprises, EnduraData is committed to delivering cutting-edge data-replication and file-synchronization solutions.

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