EnduraData EDpCloud on SUSE SLES-15-SP4-64bit Linux (SUSE.COM) Certification Overview

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1. IntroductionSUSE logo

EnduraData EDpCloud is a renowned data synchronization, migration, and replication solution across various platforms. Its adaptability and performance make it a popular choice among enterprises seeking data consistency, integrity, and availability across geographically dispersed locations. This document highlights the certification of EnduraData EDpCloud to run efficiently and reliably on the SUSE Linux operating system.

The installation documentation is included with the EDpCloud file replication package.

Please click here to read the quick installation cheat sheet of file replication for SUSE SLES

2. Certification Process

The certification process for EnduraData EDpCloud on SUSE Linux (SLES-15-SP4-64bit) underwent rigorous testing phases to ascertain its compatibility, performance, and stability. This process included:

2.1 Installation Testing:

We verify that EDpCloud can be seamlessly installed on SUSE Linux without conflicts.

2.2 Functional Testing:

We ensure all functionalities, including synchronization, migration, and replication, work as intended on the SUSE Linux platform.

2.3 Performance Testing:

Monitoring the system’s performance to guarantee EDpCloud does not negatively affect SUSE Linux’s operations.

2.4 Stress Testing:

It places the software under high loads to ensure its reliability and robustness on the SUSE Linux platform.

2.5 Security Testing:

We ensure that running EDpCloud on SUSE Linux does not introduce any vulnerabilities or risks.

3. Results and Benefits

3.1 Seamless Integration:

EnduraData EDpCloud was found to integrate flawlessly with the SUSE Linux environment. This ensures users can employ the software’s capabilities without encountering system conflicts or issues.

3.2 Optimized Performance:

EDpCloud demonstrated optimal data replication and synchronization speeds during the performance tests, proving its efficiency on the SUSE Linux platform.

3.3 Consistent Functionality:

All features of EDpCloud worked harmoniously on SUSE Linux, providing users with consistent and reliable data management capabilities.

3.4 Enhanced Security:

The security testing phase confirmed that the combination of EDpCloud and SUSE Linux does not compromise system security. Both systems uphold stringent security standards, ensuring data safety.

4. Conclusion and Recommendations

EnduraData EDpCloud’s certification on the SUSE Linux platform offers businesses a reliable and efficient solution for their data synchronization, migration, and replication needs. Organizations already employing SUSE Linux can confidently integrate EDpCloud into their infrastructure, benefiting from its robust features and capabilities.

For potential users:

– It’s recommended to consult the official documentation of both EnduraData EDpCloud and SUSE Linux for installation and configuration best practices.

– Ensure that your SUSE Linux version is updated to the latest release to utilize all compatibility enhancements fully.

By combining the reliability and versatility of SUSE Linux with the powerful features of EnduraData EDpCloud, enterprises can be confident in their data’s integrity, consistency, and availability across diverse locations.

For more information about SUSE SLES Linux, visit https://suse.com


This document provides an overview of the certification process and results. Detailed reports and logs related to the testing phases are available upon request.


Document Version: 1.0 | Date: 2023-08-21

Document prepared by: [Aba El Haddi] | EnduraData CTO



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