Your cross platform file backup software: It syncs, replicates and transfers files between systems and locations.


EDpCloud is a cross platform enterprise file replication and remote file backup software solution. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc, AIX and other UNIX platforms.

Install and Configure EDpCloud

Install and configure file replication in minutes and start replicating data between platforms. Configure in less than 3 minutes. Use the command line or a web browser to configure and manage replication sets.

Replicate files and folders to a server on the same LAN, WAN or the Cloud.

EDpCloud file replication is used on a LAN, WAN, Cloud, etc. to replicate data in real time or according to a schedule. Each time a file changes on a local PC or server, the files and folders that changed are replicated to another server for data protection purposes or for automating business processes and the work flow. Data is immediately usable on the replica.

Replicate data to one or more servers in remote locations

Files and folders can be replicated, and backed up to one or more servers or locations. Choose which files, directories, file and directory patterns to include or exclude from replication (using POSIX regular expressions). Data is encrypted during the transfer and may also remain encrypted at rest (You chose which option to use).

Before installing a new version of EDpCloud, save your configuration files located under etc directory and follow these steps:

How to uninstall EDpCloud On Unix/Linux/Mac

Lets assume INSTALLDIR=/usr/local/enduradata this is also referreed to as ED_BASE_DIR.

    • Make sure INSTALLDIR contains only enduradata software (to avoid removing your other files)
    • cd /tmp
    • $INSTALLDIR/edpcloud/bin/ stopall || exit 1
    • rm -fr $INSTALLDIR

How to uninstall on Windows

Go to: All programs -> EnduraData -> Uninstall

This will stop EDpcloud first then run the uninstall script
After the uninstaller is done, remove the the top enduradata directory.

Installing EDpCloud Software on Linux and Unix like platforms

  • First download the right package for your platform. If you have a 64bit OS, make sure you download the 64 bit package. If you have 32 bit OS, make sure you download the 32 bit package.
  • tar xzvf pakagename.tar.gz (or gunzip the file if your platform does not support z flag)
  • cd enduradata_edpcloud
  • ./
  • That’s it. Now go and configure. You will find documentation under manpages (man eddist.cfg) for UNIX and under $ED_BASE_DIR edpcloud/doc/html
Contact support for help. It is free!

Post Install for Unix/Linux/Mac Users

Once you install, please download a demo license and copy the attached license file to:


and run: . $ED_BASE_DIR/bin/ restartall

Post Install for Windows Users

  • Browse to localhost (use https://localhost)
  • Change the default password
  • Add a sender
  • Add one or more receivers
  • Apply the configuration
  • Configure the real time synchronization or use the next step
  • Create a replication schedule to synchronize data automatically or use the real time step above or both

If you are using the real time file replication: You will need to configure the real time then run the initial synchronization (Check edmfq and edq manuals).

File replication software for data protection and file sync was last modified: August 20th, 2019 by S. Dimitri