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Case Study: EnduraData data replication software deployed by a top 10 health care company

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Eden Prairie, MN: EndurData has announced that a top 10 health care company, with revenues in excess of $17 Billion, integrated EnduraData’s EDpCloud data replication software solution into the health care company’s existing network and infrastructure.

The health care payer and provider(HPP), needed a solution that would integrate into their existing critical environment without disrupting their 24×7 operation during the upgrade from another competitor’s outdated technology. The HPP needed to replicate data and synchronize files in real time from various providers, employers’ enrollment programs, dentists, billing, everything from a few kilobytes doctors’ notes and approvals, to over 32GB X-ray files. The environment is very critical for the HPP’s operations and could not be down except for a very short window of time for typical maintenance. Millions of files need to be moved each month between systems, different OS’s and multiple geographic sites.

EDpCloud met the HPP’s goals’ with great performance by moving and replicating files quickly, efficiently and most of all, securely in real time between sites located in different geographic areas and different operating systems.

“We are very happy with EnduraData EDpCloud and with the professional services and support we have received and continue to receive from EnduraData.” said the health care provider’s systems and data manager.

EDpCloud is a multi-cross platform data replication software and file synchronization solution that allows businesses and agencies to move data automatically between multiple operating systems, physical and virtual machines and between multiple geographic sites.

EDpCloud allowed the health care provider:

  • Faster and more immediate access to critical data for patient care
  • Protection of confidential data and validation that data is sent and received is accurate and current and that it got delivered
  • Access to historical data quickly and efficiently
  • Improved processes for sharing the data with appropriate partners
  • Improved decision making criteria with the most current data available
  • A health care information exchange (HIE) that inter-operates with many systems.

EDpCloud allows companies to use EnduraData’s Multi Cross Platform sync and replication technology to share data faster and with the confidence. File sync is secured during transit and at rest for business continuity, storage, operational efficiency and effective decision making.

About EnduraData
EnduraData draws on experience in data storage, data management, from Universities, Government, National Labs, Finance, and other industries where engineers implement solutions that power critical applications at NASA, National Weather Service (NOAA), and other multiple GOV agencies. Their software and innovations power some of the most critical applications out in the field today.

Visit for a free demo download of EDpCloud data replication software.


Mike Praus

EnduraData, Inc.
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