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Online Backup and Sync Data at Blazing Speed with EDpCloud

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MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — EnduraData, Inc. (www.enduradata.com), a leader in file sync and online backup software, data replication and data synchronization released the most versatile, high speed, automated, secure, multi-cross platform enterprise file sync, and online backup software for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Mac platforms.

“EDpCloud data synchronization delivers data to where it is needed and when it is needed at blazing speeds. With all its features, it is perfect for business continuity, remote online backup, and disaster recovery,” said Mike Praus, VP of EnduraData. “Our customers achieved a 1200% gain in transfer speed compared to our contending competitors, based on end-user testing in their operational environment,” added Praus.

EDpCloud uses resources more efficiently, such as the CPU, the disk, and the network to deliver data faster and more reliably over unreliable networks that span systems, multiple buildings, multiple cities, and multiple countries.

EnduraData’s EDpCloud introduces an enhanced multi pathing replication solution for faster throughput and to ensure data is delivered even when one branch of the network fails. EDpCloud will also resend data (if all networks fail) when the connection is re-established.

EDpCloud leverages parallel disk and network I/O to transmit data at much higher speeds over available connections.

“EnduraData is helping IT staff reduce time, risks, and costs of managing and controlling the data with replication and synchronization. It also improves productivity, continuous data protection, and workflow. These and other features will greatly reduce the window of data vulnerability and improve the resilience of soft and hard targets,” said Praus.

About EnduraData, Inc.:

EnduraData designs data synchronization software that automates secure backup, file sync, data replication and movement between different operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris, AIX, UNIX), public and private clouds and between geographic locations. EDpCloud helps health care, universities, businesses, and governments protect their data, automate processes and leverage data for decision-making.

Press here to download your free copy of EDpCloud file replication and backup your data to one or more locations, one or more operating systems, one or more clouds. 

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Mike Praus

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