File synchronization software: EDpCloud to synchronize data between countries

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Making data transfer safe, easy and convenient with EnduraData file synchronization software

The introduction of technology has resulted in radical changes in the last twenty to thirty years, presenting modern business models, economies and markets, while making others obsolete.
The results have changed the face of the globe in ways we never imagined. After the industrial revolution, the final shards of colonization have fallen away, revealing a fresh and different face. Countries all around the world are learning to stand on their feet, thereby opening their economies and initiating questions of how to define boundaries that are constantly changing and evolving.

Synchronizing data around the world, between systems and sites

Open markets have led to advances in fields such as technology, medicine and most obviously, entrepreneurship. Nothing drives the economy better than the innovation it is creating. Enterprises are no longer restricted to geographic boundaries they once knew. Instead, these systems have been distributed across different countries in the form of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and opening marketplaces for foreign direct investments.
Another major trend which has caught on in the field of business in the last few decades is conversion to automated digitization. The concept of hard copy is practically obsolete and those which exist are quickly being converted into soft copy to eliminate real estate, improve work flow, save costs and increase ease of access.

The use of software, increased partnerships, mergers and acquisitions and overseas investments have resulted in a world dominated by multinational corporations whose operations are dispersed across various cities. Large in terms of their geographic locations and size, these companies go beyond boundaries to conduct their businesses. Such corporations find it difficult to send and receive data across all geographic locations.  Imagine an important piece of communication that needs to be delivered to all the acquisitions and satellite offices around the world. It is extremely difficult to get such a feat accomplished, especially when geographically dispersed companies use different operating systems and platforms to conduct their day to day operations. Some of the partners, for instance, might be using Linux, some Mac and others Windows, which makes the agenda of passing along information, complex.

The solution: EDpCloud file synchronization software

EnduraData makes synchronizing files a breeze. It facilitates data sharing through flexible, cutting edge file synchronization software across different operating systems and regardless of national boundaries. Solving the problem of moving data between  geographic locations, as well as offering data synchronization across different operating systems such as Mac, Linux or Windows, EnduraData’s File Synchronization Software is the most convenient and lucrative investment for any multinational corporation with regional offices across countries.

Benefits of file synchronization with EnduraData

File synchronization is convenient and efficient for companies. It ensures organizational activity runs smoothly without the hassle of delays in relaying information from one place to another. Some of the most pressing benefits of EnduraData’s File Synchronization are:

Synchronizing data with efficiency:

File synchronization saves time and money for organizations. The result? Increased operational efficiency. The configuration of file syncing can be constructed in a way that duplicates only files that need to be synced, which decreases the threat of unnecessary documents being mirrored, reducing the time taken for the mirroring process.

Synchronizing data flexibility:

File syncing can be set up exactly to administer preferences. Even within one set of folders, there is agility to pick which files to use automated sync for, and which one can do away with. Data can be sent from one to one, many to one system or one to many.

Evidence and audit trail:

Every Organization insists on proper documentation of all information it puts out and keeps in cases of discrepancy. Aside from being long and boring, audit trails is time consuming and increases costs. Syncing can be configured in a way that  allows  clear and concise reports to be generated about all the information that gets synced, replaced or removed, leaving behind a trace of every step taken. This automated audit trail saves time and energy, improves work flow and, helps with easier and quicker error detection.

Simple and Efficient:

Any changes you want to make to all the programs that you use can easily be mirrored through  EnduraData File Synchronization Software. This ensures that all tweaks  get mirrored quickly everywhere. This also holds true for applications that you wish were available in every organizational computer. The mirror effect ensures that all systems are updated in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Information backup:

Any document that you have been working on can get lost in the event of a system crash, which can ruin your entire business depending on the gravity of the situation. Opting for file syncing means that when a user has multiple copies of the information, they can be assured that backups will result in peace of mind.

Vice versa synchronization:

Unlike simple synchronization, vice versa file synchronization with EnduraData deals with changes happening at the source system as well as the target system which helps reduce time and cost even more, especially with the regular reports being generated about all the actions being taken.

Integrity and Experience:

EnduraData’s executive team has decades of successful experience in computer sciences and engineering and has worked with organizations that include DOD, NASA, and NOAA. This means peace of mind knowing that our professionals understand the complexities of managing big data and of moving large amounts of data. In addition, EnduraData’s leadership is known for co-creating two of the first real-time data replication companies.

Finally, EnduraData’s File Synchronization Software is resilient when it comes to network and system failures. Even when there is an interruption in the synchronization of files, the system remains at the same point in the process until it is rebooted; this saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to do the whole thing once over. Also, the data is one hundred per cent protected when the option of remote storage is opted for.

EDpCloud is available for Intel (Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris) Sun/Oracle Sparc (Solaris) and IBM Power (AIX and Linux)

–Ian Flaherty

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