Where information dessimination can be used to do evil

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As I struggled to wake up this morning. I turned NPR on to listen to Scott Simon on Weekend edition. I faded in and out. But something caught my attention when I heard the interviewee say the words “platforms” and “sharing.” I froze in bed as I heard the person at the end of the line of what I assumed was a phone interview. The gentleman was talking about information sharing and dissimination how ISIL is using data sharing to recruit and encourage their members to commit more atrocities. Not all information sharing is good for humanity.
That got me wondering; “What kind of engineer will be dedicating time and effort to create information and media tools to do harm?”
I guess all tools can be used to “do good” or “do harm”. Again, I doze for a few minutes and continued to think; “What if agencies redirected the traffic to implanted content and take action accordingly?” . The engineer in me kept thinking about how to fight the evil all of us are facing by leveraging information sharing?

Scott Simon asked can’t you shut down the platform? “It will be difficult to sensor thoughts”. Then I came up with this idea:

Lets assume these people are using facebook:

1. Duplicate a server with content the evildoers are using to create server S2
2. If connection source is evil then redirect connection to S2
3. s/new content/planted new content/ where new content may change some messages that can be tracked to locations or actions to harvest the recruits
4. Find interested parties
5. Bring them to justice

Decoding existing content and re-injecting it with more information may be a good way to fight for our collective freedoms and liberties ?

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