EDpCloud Online Data Protection Deployed at IAV

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Eden Prairie, MN, June 17th 2015.

IAV moves from a couple of servers to a site license of  EDpCloud to protect and archive data.

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EDpCloud is a cross platform data protection, file sync and data replication solution.
EDpCloud enables users to automatically and securely synchronize data between various platforms and  geographic locations. The software solution is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

EnduraData goes global with IAV’s deployment

The initial IAV data protection phase ensures that all critical servers are protected from data loss and  tampering. Data is continuously backed up to two Linux servers. All servers are backed up to a primary server. The primary server is backed up to a secondary Linux server. IAV also uses EDpCloud to create file archives of data changes in real time.

IAV’s protected operating systems include:

  • Windows 2003
  • Linux: Ubuntu
  • Linux: CentOS.

IAV’s protected Databases include:

  • MYSQL on a Linux web sever
  • Postgres on Windows 2003
  • MSSQL server on Windows 2003
  • Oracle on Windows 2003.

The applications protected by EDpCloud at IAV include:

  • Financials
  • Accounting
  • Payroll management
  • Grading systems
  • Personnel management
  • Class scheduling
  • Classroom scheduling
  • Student field trips and training
  • Inventory management
  • Web sites
  • Microsoft office products: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Other unstructured data.

EDpCloud data protection and online backup

“We are extremely happy with EDpCloud. Four years ago we had a flood that resulted in significant data loss. EnduraData’s technical assistance was instrumental in our data protection plan and in its execution. Our site license covers all departments, faculty, technical staff and students.” said Mr Khalid B, IAVs Systems Engineer.

IAV deployed EDpCloud data protection as its online backup solution for Linux and for Windows servers

EnduraData worked closely with IAV’s Information services and technical staff to analyse their needs, purchase their backup servers,  install and configure EDpCloud.

As an institution of higher learning and an engine of development, IAV has a significant amount of critical data that must be protected at all times. Any data loss for IAV will cause significant problems. Student grades, payroll, grants, accounting and logistics are all critical for IAV.

EDpCloud data protection site license for all of IAV’s services and departments

IAV’s site license grants it the rights to install EDpCloud on all servers, desktops and laptops. The first deployment consisted of Linux and Windows servers for web services, student records, accounting, logistics, human resources and the general administration. Additional server protection will be rolled up in June and July.

About IAV

IAV’s principle mission includes:

  • The Education of highly qualified engineers and veterinary medicine doctors
  • Research and innovation
  • The development and transfer of technologies.

IAV’s missions are ensured through collaboration and partnerships with local and international organizations, government agencies, universities, research centres and businesses.

IAV is a leading international higher education institution with over 250 faculty, 150 technical staff and over 2000 engineering and veterinary medicine students.

Visit www.iav.ac.ma for more information.

Published with the permission of IAV.

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