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File Sync, File Transfer and File Replication Software Version 4.2.2 Is Available

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A Leaner and Faster EDpCloud™ Enterprise File Sync and File Replication Software Is Available

The new version of the enterprise file sync is 40% faster and requires 60% less memory than previous versions.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Sept. 24, 2015 — EDpCloud™ allows businesses and government agencies to automatically and securely sync files between geographic regions, different clouds and heterogeneous platforms and operating systems. The solution helps companies protect their data and reduces risks of data loss and data leaks associated with consumer grade file sync software. As a result, enterprises are able to keep better control over their digital assets.

EDpCloud™ is an enterprise file sync. It works with private, public and hybrid clouds and permits customers to use their existing storage or cloud storage. It allows customers to build an enterprise grade file sharing and sync (EFSS) capabilities, working with both physical and virtual machines

“The new version is leaner, faster and supports multiple network paths that can be used as alternate network routes in case of a network failure. Thus customers can confidently deliver data over redundant links and access data in real time anywhere and anytime they want,” commented Rich Gruenhagen, VP of Sales and Marketing.

EDpCloud™ uses multiple authentication factors and comes with a standard AES encryption. It can sync files between multiple platforms (UNIX, LINUX, MAC, WINDOWs, SOLARIS, etc.). System administrators can configure EDpCloud™ using a browser or a command line. In addition, they can build filters to specify what to synchronize, what to include and what to exclude.

EDpCloud™ enterprise file replication and synchronization technology provides customers with the ability to synchronize data automatically by sending only the file changes to the remote location. This reduces the amount of bandwidth usage, saves costs and time and reduces risks by reducing windows of vulnerability and by making data available for quicker decision making.


For more information about EnduraData and EDpCloud™, visit or call 1-855-377-3282.

About EnduraData

EnduraData is a Minnesota (USA) company. It was founded in 2006 and focuses on data and storage management solutions. The company helps businesses protect and leverage data for decision making and improved Backup and Recovery requirements. For more information visit

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