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Endurance and the Evolution of Knowledge

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This blog post was inspired by the The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge where we were encouraged to post a picture that personifies “Endurance.” So we thought we would take the opportunity to explain what endurance means to us and how it is ingrained in our values and all it stands for.

To provide some context, our leadership team grew up living simplistically, which instilled values of humility, integrity, dignity and learning as a result of circumstance. Being in alignment with words and actions speak multitudes about the intangible notion of character which builds respect and trust. Our logo, a Greek pillar represents philosophy, which is a cornerstone of knowledge creation, imagination, innovation and future possibilities. Philosophy is the study of  the questioning reality and existence, especially in academic environments. To quote one of our favorite academic advisers;

Knowledge can be explained as independent variables that exist between two things and how they relate. It has been defined from perspectives that have been brought to the table. Intervening variables create unintended outcomes, creating more knowledge. Being right is not as important as realizing or admitting what we do not know because all knowledge is subject to doubt. We have to acknowledge there is unlimited uncertainty no matter how much we know.“ – Heino A. Beckman

Education, business intelligence, intellectual property, quantitative facts, qualitative reporting, privacy, news, communications, innovation, etc. are all different forms of knowledge.  These things have led to the evolution of knowledge, which has progressed through cultural complexity, complications of racial, religious, economic, political turmoil and changing ecosystems.

Data continues to advance the essence of humanity, who we are and who we aspire to be. Those are just a few reasons we are passionate about what we do every day. Our solutions software moves data for enterprises and government from the time it is created to the time it is used by executives to make informed business decisions that drive results with the goal of taking into consideration scalability, complexity, ease of use, adaptability and flexibility. We know it matters to you and believe it should matter just as much as it does to us.




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