A faster file sync, file replication and file archive with EDpCloud version 4.2.1

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Mar. 31, 2015 – EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — EnduraData announced the release of version 4.2.1 of its file sync, file replication, file replication and file archive cloud solution. EnduraData EDpCloud allows companies to continuously sync data to one or more remote geographic regions.

General information about EDpCloud file sync, file replication and file archive

The solution interoperates with various hardware, storage and operating systems. The solution is available for Windows, Mac, Linux on intel, Solaris on intel and on SPARC, AIX on IBM power, Linux on IBM power and other UNIX operating systems. Users can sync files between all of these platforms using one unified management console.


EDpCloud moves only the parts of the files that changed therefore saving bandwidth utilization, finishing file synchronization faster and reducing windows of vulnerabilities and of risks of data loss. EDpCloud can be configured to synchronize data in a one to one, one to many, many to one. EDpCloud is used to automate secure data flow between many sites and many platforms. EDpCloud works with both virtual and physical machines. EDpCloud is used on private, public and hybrid clouds. It also allows users to move data between various cloud providers.

What’s new in EDpCloud version 4.2.1

The following is a list of improvements in EDpCloud version 4.2.1:

Improved data synchronization and file replication speed

EDpCloud data transfer and I/O is now faster. The parallel I/O modules for the network data transfer and for writing to disk has undergone significant tuning to explore parallel data transfer and disk writes.

Improved data synchronization history, tracing for audit

EDpCloud history is now active on both the data sender and the data receivers. File updates are now logged. When the logs exceed a certain size, they are compressed and rolled over. The transmission logs now include an estimation of the data delivery time (ETA) for each bulk transfer, as well as the actual delivery time.

Improved stats and status of data replication

The status tools now show the size of all files that need to be updated, the long term transfer rate per communication channel and the estimated time to finish the transfer.

A new tool to sync file incremental changes

EDpCloud now includes a tool to let users specify files that changed in the last few hours, last few days, last few months or last few years and to synchronize data with the remote sites.

Improved archives of data

System administrators can now specify which file patterns need to be archived and the directory name that will contain the archive. For example, the file owner can specify that a document type will be always archived before synchronizing the new updates, thus creating multiple archives and versions to roll back to in case of an accidental delete or edit.

Improved bidirectional file replication for Linux

The file replication module has been tuned to sync data faster and reliably. The bidirectional file replication allows users to cascade replication.

Multiple IPs and Host names to receive data in case the primary IP or host is not reachable

Users can now have a single configuration that allows them to sync data to one server or its peers if the original server is not available, or if its internal IP is not reachable from outside the LAN. This feature can now be used by mobile and nomadic workers to continuously sync data over a LAN, a WAN. From home or from a hotel room or a remote branch office without changing the configuration.

EDpCloud file sync and replication is available immediately

Visit https://www.enduradata.com to download a free trial.

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