Combining file transfer with file archiving

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Older versions of EDpCloud file transfer prior to 4.2.0 and 4.1.9[a-d] supported  versions and archives.  Version 4.2.1 of EDpCloud file replication allows you better control.

Specify file archive directory


You can now specify a directory where file archives will be located rather than having them in the same directory as the file being modified.

Specify a filename that will contain regex to match

archivexpr=”regexfilename” where regexfilename is a file that contains regular expressions. If an incoming file matches the regular expression that the file will be archived.

Example archivexpr=”/usr/local/enduradata/edpcloud/etc/archfiles”

Here is an example of what is in archfiles. We want to continue archiving c, .h, cpp and Makefiles.

cat /usr/local/enduradata/edpcloud/etc/archfiles



eddist.cfg has more information and examples about the directives to archive files.


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