EnduraData and Info X Sign a Distribution Agreement to Bring EDpCloud File Synchronization to the Marketplace.

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Mar. 2, 2015 – EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — EnduraData signed a distribution agreement with the New Jersey based Info X, a full solution distributor of emerging storage technology products to bring EDpCloud file replication and synchronization software to Value Added Resellers (VARs) and to end users.  Info X will distribute EnduraData’s EDpCloud cross platform automated data replication and data synchronization software through its worldwide distribution channel.

EDpCloud helps companies move and synchronize data automatically and securely between remote geographic sites and heterogeneous platforms.

In an environment  where customers are challenged to automate business processes, to reduce costs of data movement, to reduce risks of data loss and of data leaks, EnduraData and Info X are ready to help businesses and agencies meet these challenges with EDpCloud.  Some  business processes lead to higher costs of data migration, of data access and of data availability. More than 70% of organizations have experienced data breaches in the last 3 years and more than 50% of small to medium businesses experienced data losses. Such events may lead to businesses going bankrupt if they can’t access their data for an extended period. Although enterprises are deploying cloud solutions, they need to be vigilant about what they put in the public cloud. If giants such as Target corporation, Home Depot, JP Morgan, Sony and others lost their data due to theft by external forces, others like AT&T have experienced data leaks due to internal staff peeking into customer private data such as phone records, drivers licenses and social security numbers. Public cloud service providers are not immune to data leaks nor are they immune to data loss. The probability and the costs of data leaks, of data losses and of data access and delivery delays are becoming a big concern and are keeping management awake at night.  A leaking  8K or 10K SEC form, for example, ahead of schedule may have negative impact on a company’s stock.

Solutions to help customers solve the data storage and data transfer challenges

EDpCloud allows companies to automate transfer data between corporate offices and between homogeneous and  heterogeneous  systems alike, while maintaining full control of the data. EDpCloud file synchronization and replication software  is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and for other proprietary UNIX systems.

EDpCloud was designed to automate the data transfer and to encrypt all data transfers in transit and at rest.  The file replication and synchronization solution allows enterprises and agencies to:

  • Synchronize data between different operating systems, public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Protect data  by  backing it to multiple geographic locations automatically
  • Reduce risks of data loss, risks of data leaks and costs of moving and migrating data
  • Eliminate the time required for data access and for recovery
  • Aggregate big data from multiple locations to a single or multiple sites
  • Give the users the freedom to move data and files automatically between platforms, operating systems and cloud providers
  • Reduce the time required to manage data transfers and file replication under different environments and when systems are upgraded
  • Help system administrators be proactive rather than reactive.

“Working with Info X will streamline the acquisition and deployment of solutions for data storage, data replication and file synchronization. This is a win-win alliance  for Customers, for EnduraData and for Info X” said Rich Gruenhagen, VP of EnduraData.

” Info X constantly reviews technology that will provide our customers with a competitive advantage in the marketplace” said Tom Carlucci, president, Info X Distribution. “EnduraData’s EDpCloud Enterprise data synchronization and file replication software will enable us to provide our strategic VARs with a dynamic cost effective solution to offer their customers for automatic secure file transfer and data movement”, added Carlucci.

About Info X

Info X is the leading global distributor of storage networking solutions and specializes in the distribution of storage, software and server connectivity for virtualized networks and cloud environments. Info X is head-quartered in Randolph, New Jersey and provides only the best storage solutions to storage VARs, VMware Resellers, OEMs and System Integrators. Info X’s focus on storage and (SAN) networking provides customers with unmatched pre-sale, technical support, distribution and logistics. Info X is strategically located within minutes of FedEx and UPS regional hubs, which ensures that customer’s orders are shipped quickly.


Contact Info X:

Call: 1-800-463-9998 (Option 7) or visit http://www.info-x.com

About EnduraData

EnduraData designs enterprise cross platform data replication software to keep data synchronized automatically and securely between geographic locations and heterogeneous systems. EnduraData’s solutions allow customers to aggregate data from many locations and to  transfer data between remote geographic sites for end to end data protection, for efficient operations and for effective decision making.

Contact EnduraData:

Call +1 952-746-4177 Toll Free: 1-855-377-3282 or visit  https://www.enduradata.com


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