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This is an appreciation of the IT and systems staff.

Send a nice note to your systems and IT staff this week. Better yet, buy them an espresso or a drink and thank them for protecting your data and for making your life at work go smooth.

Disaster recovery solutions.

Disasters can lead to data loss. See what happens during a disaster.

Bob’s custom scripts for data aggregation and distribution frustrate all users .

Bob’s data transfer and aggregation scripts are very costly in time, labor and opportunity.

Business continuity and disaster recovery. What are the risks to your data?

Data is the lifeblood of many businesses but qualified people are more important. What is the weakest link in your data flow and operations?

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Using the wrong data transfer tools can lead to data leaks.

Human errors are responsible for many data leaks and costly disasters.

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Data loss from malware! Don’t let it happen to you

Protect your business data before a disaster strikes.

EDpCloud helped businesses tolerate ransom attacks and recover data in the aftermath. EnduraData encourages all businesses and agencies to take action before they get hit. With EDpCloud data is protected using snapshots to copy data to a remote location. Users can leverage the archiving option of EDpCloud to create file archives before the original data is clobbered.

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Automatically sync data with EDpCloud cross platform solution.

EDpCloud is used in healthcare for data protection, automatic file system mirroring and for data migrations. Healthcare payers, providers and clinical research organizations are using EDpCloud today to automate business processes and to make data available from multiple sources to their applications and business processes.

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EDpCloud data synchronization software explained.

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Automatically synchronize data with EDpCloud cross platform solution.

What is EDpCoud file synchronization and replication software?

Data synchronization Software: Automate file sync between platforms and remote geographic sites.

Use EDpCloud to migrate and protect data.


EDpCloud data synchronisation software is used to migrate data from storage systems, between clouds, legacy systems and between operating systems. EDpCloud Linux real time file replication and Windows realtime file replication helped business move between systems, cloud providers and managed service providers. Not happy with your old hardware, concerned about migration? Check out EDpCloud. Not running Linux or Windows ? EnduraData has you covered. EDpCloud is available for AIX, Solaris, Mac and other UNIX systems. Call us if you need EDpCloud for another platform not listed above.

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