Press release: Windows Real-Time Server Replication Released

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EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA, Nov. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EnduraData today introduced EDpCloud©, a completely new version of its Wide Geographic Area Data Distribution and managed file transfer.

EDpCloud windows real time server replication includes real time file replication for Windows. The software is a true cross platform solution that allows companies and governments to reduce costs of data synchronization, distribution, and aggregation between multiple geographical sites, multiple operating systems, and hardware while leveraging existing investments. The real time replication solution helps mirror data between Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux servers.

EDpCloud improves the performance of data transfer, adds adaptive compression to reduce bandwidth utilization, and adds various levels of encryption to protect the communications between remote sites and to protect remote data during flight and while in storage. Furthermore, users can connect the software to their existing workflow to perform additional operations automatically before data is sent or after it is received. The link and server failure tolerance provide a reliable, cost-efficient automated data movement and file transfer solution to the enterprise and government agencies.

System administrators can use EDpCloud to automate data distribution, data migration and reduce costs of operations. The solution allows managed service providers to create their own private or public clouds for remote online backup and disaster recovery. The updated user interface allows users to visualize, configure and manage automated data distribution and automated data distribution networks with complete ease from a central point.

“Enduradata meets the file replication needs that we can trust and rely on every time,” said Jason O’Leary, IT Manager at REACH.

A free demo of  EDpCloud real time server replication is available for download through the company’s website. Customers can contact their reseller or EnduraData directly to arrange for an online demo.  Value Add Resellers may contact EnduraData to sign up or to receive their NFR copies immediately.

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