Cross-Platform File Replication, Remote Online Server Backup Version 3.1.5 released

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The new release includes support for remote online server backup,  cross-platform data distribution, remote online backup consolidation, data migration and content aggregation for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and other Unix flavors.

With EDWADDS 3.1.5, replicating and distributing content from many sites to one site got simpler and more automated. Expanding many-to-one configurations to include more remote hosts is now faster and more cost effective. These new and improved features make EDWADDS a true unified data management solution for data distribution, and online backup.

EDWADDS protects data by backing it up to one or more remote locations. It creates snapshots and versions of files on remote private or public clouds. It enables content to be shared between remote office branches even if they are running different operating systems (Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows). EnduraData’s wide area cross-platform data distribution enables businesses and governments to save time and money while protecting data and leveraging data for operational effectiveness.

“I switched one of my local government clients to EDWADDS for automated backup in a mixed Windows and Linux environments and I am beyond delighted with both the software and the EnduraData team! The backup itself is fast and efficient. I was able to quickly train (non-technical) users on how to restore their data from the backup archive,” said Paul Scievetti, Chief Idea Officer at Synergen, Inc.

“Restoring data is effortless because replicated data is accessible without any additional software whether the customer is using Linux, Mac, Windows or Solaris,” said Jeffrey LaFrance of EnduraData.

EDWADDS allows customers to leverage their investments in existing infrastructure and to increase the return on investment (ROI).

“I’m very impressed by the flexibility of configuring and scheduling data backups – it is very easy to tailor the system to the exact needs of my clients. The holistic view of the entire data distribution network is fantastic! I can visually see the ‘big picture’ and drill down into the details as well as centrally manage the entire network very easily,” added Paul Scivetti .

EDWADDS (EDpCloud) replication software includes:

  • Linux real time file replication
  • Windows real time file replication
  • Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris on demand replication
  • Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris scheduled replication.

Please visit for a free download or for additional information.


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