Data replication software company now releases v3.1 of its cross-platform data replication, PC off site and on-line remote backup software

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Aug. 9, 2010 — Disasters that result in loss of data can affect businesses and individuals alike. EnduraData’s ( data replication software allows users to replicate and backup data from one PC to one or many remote computers and from many computers to a single server.

According to A. A. El Haddi, a software architect, “When a financial company was brought to its knees because of a massive virus attack, we decided to use EDWADDS with a mix of Linux, Solaris and Windows in the online backup strategy. A single windows infection will no longer bring the company’s business to its knees since a copy of the data is replicated to Linux and Solaris Servers and the company continues to make use of its existing infrastructure.”

EnduraData’s online PC backup and data replication software is available for Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris/SunOS and other Unix flavors.

Users can select from three suites: Home users, Professional or Enterprise versions. The new version has many benefits: You can now backup open files such as outlook email files, databases, etc from windows to other windows or Linux, Mac/Unix machines. The same software works on various hardware and operating systems. Users can archive files and create multiple versions and go back in time to recover important data. When replicating data to remote sites or external disks, the software sends only the portions of the file that changes and rebuilds the file on the remote site to match the original file. This reduces the bandwidth usage significantly and reduces the windows of vulnerability.

EDWADDS data replication and data distribution software allows customers to have copies of the data off-site for backup or other purposes. The solution allows users to ease into cloud computing by adopting a private cloud strategy.

According to E. Kenny, Co-founder, “The software is very easy to setup and to manage. You can install and configure the software in under 2 minutes. You create a schedule and the software replicates the data over the local area network, over the Internet or locally automatically and transparently. Home users can backup important files to a local disk or to a remote PC. Enterprises can take advantage of the Enterprise features to protect or archive their digital assets.”

EnduraData’s data replication software is a host-based software-only solution. It allows customers to backup many laptops or PCs to a single PC or server located meters or miles away. Many organizations opt to use EDWADDS to distribute data between branch offices for data protection purposes or for efficient data sharing.


As of 2012 EDWADDS has been retired and replaced with EDpCloud enterprise file replication.

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