Quick facts sheet about EDpCloud file replication software solution.


EDpCloud is a file replication software solution that:

  • Replicates files from one source, location, server, laptop, desktop to another remote destination
  • Replicates files from many sources or locations to a single remote destination
  • Replicates files from one source to many destinations
  • Replicates data from one place to many places and from many places to many places (Cascaded)



Where does EDpCloud run?

PS: EnduraData does not provide any cloud storage, however, you can leverage our partner’s cloud.

EDpCloud is a file replication and synchronization software that runs on:

  • Your own virtual machines
  • Your own servers, laptops, or desktops(Physical machines)
  • A combination of virtual and physical machines
  • Linux Containers

EDpCloud also runs on many cloud providers’ cloud.

Some other features of EDpCloud:

  • EDpCloud can replicate files over LAN, WAN, private networks or internet
  • EDpCloud replicates only the portion of the files that changed. Combined with compression, replication is fast, efficient and reduces bandwidth usage
  • The transport layer is encrypted, therefore eliminating data leaks
  • The remote data is either decrypted before it is stored or remains encryped
  • EDpCloud can run in real time mode, on demand or on a schedule
  • EDpCloud file replication can archive files to save prior versions in case a user needs to get older files back
  • EDpCloud replicates all meta data, including permissions, ownership, group or ACLs.

Challenges solved by EDpCloud file replication software

EDpCloud is used by businesses and government agencies to solve the following challenges:

  • Backup and data protection
  • Work flow automation
  • Data sharing between branch offices, partners, etc.
  • Data migration between servers, private sites, clouds etc
  • File and data distribution
  • Backup consolidation and centralized backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web farm or other servers synchronization
  • File mirroring
  • Migration to the cloud
  • Migration from one cloud provider to another cloud provider.

What platforms are supported?

  • EDpCloud is a cross platform file replication software. It is available for
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Solaris x86
  • Solaris Sparc
  • AIX
  • Other UNIX operating systems

What is the file replication pricing model?

EDpCloud is a subscription software. You get a license and pay an annual support and subscription fee.
As a subscriber, you get support and all new versions of the software as well as maintenance releases.

Contact EnduraData for other pricing models.

Download EDpCloud file replication software now.
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