Data protection for Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX

Enterprise Data Protection the EDpCloud way:

Protect data with online backup using EDpCloud automatic file synchronization solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX and Other UNIX Systems. Automatically synchronize data between heterogeneous systems, data centres, private clouds, public clouds, LANs, WANs.

Data protection and online backup using EDpCloud cross platform solutions.


    EDpCloud is a cross platform file synchronization and file replication solution for real time data protection and for online backup. EDpCloud is:

  • An enterprise data protection solution for consolidating online backups
  • A file synchronization solution for moving data between business processes
  • An automated solution that helps reduce costs and risks of data loss
  • A cross platform solution that reduces costs and increases efficiency.

A cross platform data protection solution

    EDpCloud protects data, reduces risks and costs and helps to make decisions quickly by making data available securely across the enterprise:

  • Synchronizes data between multiple data centres
  • Reduce risks of data loss by synchronizing data automatically
  • Reduce costs by aggregating data and consolidating backups online automatically
  • Reduce risks of data leaks
  • Automate file synchronization between systems.

One to Many and Many to One Data Transfer For Backup and Content Distribution

Configure EDpCloud to continuously and to automatically sync data from one to location to many or from many locations to a single central site(backup consolidation). The file and directory sync solution helps
consolidate online backup without the constraints of the the traditional server backup where data needs to be restored before using it. EDpCloud data protection allows access to data without the need to restore(faster data recovery); Hence making data available without loss of productivity.
The real time data replication and backup module synchronizes files as they change to many remote systems and locations.

Enterprise folder and file sync functionality and capabilities

Monitor file sync and replication progress, get estimated time of data arrival before hand and detailed reporting. Get alerts about failures and examine the history of what was sent, where and when it was sent.
EDpCloud preserves all permissions and access control lists during the backup and file sync process. Use a web browser to configure or use the command line to manage and integrate with your workflow. EDpCloud allows you to execute tasks before you send data and after you receive it.

Share and move data between your offices, your business processes and your partners

EDpCloud allows you to synchronize and backup data automatically between branch offices( for safe keeping and for data protection) or to move data between business processes. Businesses can also
share data automatically between their data centres and their authorized partners. EDpCloud helps customers increase operation efficiencies and reduce costs.

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