Data protection for Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX

Enterprise Data Protection the EDpCloud way:

Protect data with online backup using EDpCloud automatic file synchronization solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX and Other UNIX Systems. Automatically synchronize data between heterogeneous systems, data centres, private clouds, public clouds, LANs, WANs.

Data protection and online backup using EDpCloud cross platform solutions.


    EDpCloud is a cross platform file synchronization and file replication solution for real time data protection and for online backup. EDpCloud is:

  • An enterprise data protection solution for consolidating online backups
  • A file synchronization solution for moving data between business processes
  • An automated solution that helps reduce costs and risks of data loss
  • A cross platform solution that reduces costs and increases efficiency.

A cross platform data protection solution

    EDpCloud protects data, reduces risks and costs and helps to make decisions quickly by making data available securely across the enterprise:

  • Synchronizes data between multiple data centres
  • Reduce risks of data loss by synchronizing data automatically
  • Reduce costs by aggregating data and consolidating backups online automatically
  • Reduce risks of data leaks
  • Automate file synchronization between systems.

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