Computer Synchronization Using EDpCloud

Global file sync Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, UNIX

Computer File Synchronization:

EDpCloud is a a computer synchronization software solution. It is a software that runs on many platforms. It synchronizes computers on premise and to the cloud. You provide your own storage or use public clouds.

What is it?

  • Cross platform file synchronization
  • 1 to 1 file sync and mirroring
  • One to many data sync: Sync one computer to many
  • Many to one sync: Sync multiple computers to one
  • Mesh sync: create meshes that synchronize computers using complex topologies
  • Automate file synchronization
  • Secure: All data is encrypted during the transfer
  • High performance
  • Integrates with workflow to automate business processes.

Why EDpCloud computer synchronization software solution?

Problems solved:

Data Protection:

  • Sync data between systems
  • Protect all files or just critical files
  • Protect data by replicating it to one or more local or remote sites
  • Synchronize folders and files between different operating systems: Windows, Linux, Max, Solaris, AIX ….

Data migration:

  • Migrate data between systems
  • Migrate data between servers, hardware systems and distributed file systems
  • Migrate data between clouds (Intercloud, between cloud providers)
  • Migrate from on premise to the cloud
  • Migrate data between Virtual Machines and Physical machines.

Automation and Decision making:

  • Sync data from many nodes to a single node
  • Make data available for analytics tools
  • Share data between staff
  • Share data between applications and business processes
  • Connect nodes and clusters located in different sites


Computer Synchronization Using EDpCloud

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