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Real Time & Scheduled Data Replication Software Solutions

Replication Software For Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX

Server data synchronization software

EDpCloud enterprise data synchronization software solution protects data by synchronizing it to one more local or remote locations. Any time data changes on a local PC or server, the file changes are synchronized and mirrored on another PC or server, feet or thousands of miles away.

In case of a disaster or a data loss, the remote data can be accessed by pointing to it without the need to restore. The remote data is also available for use by other applications. The data is accessed directly without the need of any other software (The same way you can access all file systems data).

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A data synchronization software that breaks silos

Use EDpCloud to move and mirror files between office sites, data centers, geographic locations, partners, and suppliers:

  • One-to-one server replication
  • One to many server replications
  • Many-to-one file replication
  • Bidirectional real-time replication
  • Unidirectional real-time replication
  • Scheduled server and PC replication
  • Ad-hoc or real-time replication
  • Sync anywhere in real-time or according to a schedule
  • Secure data replication software.

Sync files & share data between locations.

  • Synchronize files in real time
  • Synchronize data between locations
  • Synchronize data between different hardware
  • Synchronize data between different storage systems
  • Synchronize data between different operating systems?

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Automate operations with EDpCloud data synchronization software

EDpCloud allows all operations to synchronize and backup data automatically between branch offices( for safekeeping and for data protection) and to move data between business processes and applications securely and automatically. Businesses can also share data automatically between their data centers and their authorized partners. EDpCloud helps customers improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs and risks.

Data Synchronization and Replication

EDpCloud file replication and file sync runs on many platforms:

EDpCloud is a data and file synchronization software for many platforms.

  • Windows file synchronization software

    Sync files between windows and all platforms.

  • Linux file synchronization software

    Sync files between Linux and all platforms.

  • Mac file synchronization software

    Sync files between Mac and all platforms.

  • Solaris file synchronization software

    Sync files between Solaris and all platforms.

  • AIX file synchronization software

    Sync files between AIX and all platforms.

  • Unix synchronization software

    Sync files between Unix and all platforms.

Protect & Share with Data Synchronization Software

Configure EDpCloud to aggregate and consolidate data from many locations and from many operating systems to a single location. This will protect data as well as make it available for use without the need to restore before use.

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Sync data between systems and sites

  • One to one replication

    Replicate from one site to another site.

  • Bidirectional file replication

    Mirror servers and PCs.

  • One to many replication

    Replicate data from one server to many servers or from one site to many sites.

  • Many to one file replication

    Replicate data from many servers to one server. Aggregate data from many sites to a single site.

data protection, data migration, file sync

Enterprise data protection software the EDpCloud way

Protect data with online backup using EDpCloud automatic file synchronization solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX and Other UNIX Systems. Automatically synchronize data between heterogeneous systems, data centers, private clouds, public clouds, LANs, WANs.

What EDpCloud data synchroniation software will do for your business or agency?

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase efficiency
  • Leverage data
  • Use existing infrastructure or the cloud
reduce risks of data loss and costs of data management

Sync Anywhere From Any Platform To Any Platform

EDpCloud is a cross platform file synchronization and file replication solution for real time data protection, online backup, and leveraging data for decision making. EDpCloud is:

EDpCloud data synchronization software protects data, reduces risks and costs, and helps businesses make decisions quickly by making data available securely across the enterprise.

A cross platform data synchronization and data protection solution

Synchronize data between multiple data centers.

Reduce risks of data loss and reduce risks of data leaks by synchronizing data automatically.

Reduce costs by aggregating data and consolidating backups online automatically.

Automate file synchronization between systems., geographic sites, partners, etc.

Replicate in real time, on-demand, or on a scheduled basis.

  • Pause

    Pause replication when needed.

  • Resume

    Resume when you need to (schedule).

  • Audit trail

    Extensive logs and history to know when the data was sent, when it arrived, who sent it.

  • Pre script

    Run Scripts & apps before replication.

  • Post script

    Run scripts after replication is done.

  • Stage scripts

    Stage scripts before starting services

  • CLI

    Manage using a Command Line Interface

  • Browser GUI

    Manage using a browser

  • Rich tool set

    Leverage all tools for automation

  • Lightweight

    Written in C. Low memory foot print.

  • Speed

    High speed transfers

  • Ecryption

    Data protected in transit & at rest.

Configure EDpCloud to continuously and to automatically sync data from one location to many or from many locations to a single central site(backup consolidation). The file and directory sync solution help consolidate online backups without the traditional server backup constraints where data needs to be restored before using it.

EDpCloud data protection allows access to data without the need to restore(faster data recovery, no proprietary file formats, and no vendor lock-in); Hence making data available without loss of productivity. The real-time data replication and backup software synchronize files as they change to remote systems and locations for data protection or data delivery and used by other business units or business applications.

Enterprise folder and file sync functionality and capabilities

Monitor file sync and replication progress, get estimated time of data arrival beforehand, and detailed reporting. Get alerts about failures and examine the history of what was sent, where, and when it was sent.

EDpCloud replicates data automatically and securely between Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, and other UNIX. It sends only deltas (portions of the file that changed) to reduce the time it takes to sync files and to reduce windows of vulnerability and the bandwidth used.

EDpCloud preserves all meta data ( permissions, file ownership, etc),  and access control lists (ACLs) during the backup and file sync process. Use a web browser to configure or use the command line to manage and integrate with your workflow. EDpCloud allows you to execute tasks before you send data and after you receive it.

01. Protect Data

Replicate data to one or more locations. Replicate from many operating systems to one or more operating systems in real time or on a schedule.
Reduce the windows of vulnerabilities by replicating data in real time. Leverage EDpCloud archival to go back in time in case of a disaster.

  • Replicate data from/to Linux
  • Replicate data from/to Mac
  • Replicate files from/to Windows
  • Replicate files from/to AIX.

02. Leverage Data

Your replicated data can be used and leveraged by staff and applications to solve problems. Bring data from the edge to the center or from the center to the edge. Data is automatic and it is encrypted.

  • Automated file sync
  • Encrypted transport
  • Encrypted storage
  • Full control over data.
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03. Automate Sync

EDpCloud allows businesses and governments to synchronize and backup data automatically and securely between branch offices( for safekeeping and for data protection).

EDpCloud moves and syncs data between business processes. Businesses can also share data automatically between their data centers and their authorized partners.

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