Data Replication Software: Synchronize, Backup and Share

Do you need file replication for your business? Do you need to sync data between sites? Do you need to sync files between Unix, Windows, Linux, Mac, ... ? Do you need to copy data off site? Do you want to implement an offsite data protection plan? Do want to automate secure data sharing between business processes? Do you want to automate your DevOps, QA/testing and analytics? Worried about data loss and recovery?

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Enterprise Data Replication Software For Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX and UNIX.

Automatic data synchronization between operating systems
  • This is an enterprise software replication solution for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, etc
  • You install it on your existing servers
  • We provide no hosting. You provide your own
  • We will assist you to install and configure
  • We replicate over private or public networks
  • You can use private or public clouds
  • You can replicate over a LAN or WAN

Note: British variant of synchronization, synchronize
EDpCloud is a data replication software. The enterprise data synchronization software automates and secures file synchronization, remote backup between geographic sites and heterogeneous platforms. This is a software solution. Install EDpCloud data replication software on your servers, PC or laptops and you can sync between your sites, public or private clouds and different operating systems. EDpCloud mirrors files and data between heterogeneous servers located in many geographic locations.

Enterprise File Mirroring of Healthcare Data Accross the Globe

Mirror files and synchronize data between different operating systems, remote offices, partners and various stake holders. Change files in one location and let EDpCloud sync them across the globe.

Enterprise File Mirroring by Clinical Research Organization

Clinical Research Organization (CRO) deploys edpcloud to mirror files between Canada and Bogota (Colombia). See hoe files are mirrored between Windows servers in located in Bogota and Montreal. This is a case of windows bidirectional realtime file and directory sync and replication. Read more about bidirectional Windows file mirroring of sensitive clinical data between remote offices in the world.

Large Healthcare Payer and Provider deploys EDpCloud to Mirror and synchronize files between Linux Clusters, Servers and Virtual Machines.

Read how a $15 billion company is using EDpCloud data replication software to automate health information exchange and business processes. Find out more how the customer used EDpCloud bidirectional Linux file replication to solve bidirectional file synchronization challenges.

Enterprise Data Synchronization Software: Use EDpCloud to backup your data, sync files for data recovery and for process automation

Use EDpCloud encrypted file sync and data synchronization software for secure and remote auto backup. The automatic file transfer, and folder replication software synchronizes and transfers data automatically and securely anywhere. EDpCloud allows agencies and enterprises to keep data synchronized between systems and geographic sites while reducing risks of data loss and of data leaks. The automated data synchronization and replication software solution helps increase operational efficiency while protecting digital assets from loss and from leaks. With the automatic backup software, data recovery is simple and takes no time since the data is usable and no restore is needed.

File sync and georeplication for data protection, sharing and automatic processing

EDpCloud™ Automatic Online Server Backup, File Transfer, Folder Sync and File Replication Software for Data Protection

EDpCloud™ is a data synchronization software. It is a cross platform file sync solution that allows you to synchronize data a automatically between heterogeneous platforms and between geographic sites. EDpCloud uses automatic file replication to synchronize backup only the portions of the files that changed. The solution works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX and other UNIX. You can backup your windows machines to Linux, Solaris, Mac, AIX and vice-versa. EDpCloud allows organizations to sync and move data between systems, clouds(public and private) and between geographic regions, branch offices, etc. EDpCloud is used to backup and protect data and to automate small to large files transfers. It eliminate errors and risks associated with manual data synchronization and transfer. The solution distributes and aggregates content between servers and systems (backup consolidation, content aggregation). Whether you want to transfer a few data sets every minute, or to synchronize an an entire data repository with remote locations frequently, or to migrate a large data repository or reservoir, EDpCloud reduces costs and risks by automating the data movement through its accelerated and secure file and data transfer technology.

File transfer between systems, business processes and geographic sitesRead more ..

EDpCloud File Transfer and Data Replication Software For End to End Data Protection

EDpCloud is an enterprise grade automatic file sync and data transfer solution. It is fault tolerant and is reliable. The continuous end to end data protection and synchronization solution keeps your data protected and accessible by authorized users. Configure EDpCloud to continuously send file changes to one or more locations. The remote location(s) can be another branch office, another data centre, a private cloud or a public cloud. EDpCloud can create file archives as well, hence allowing users to recover various versions of deleted or lost files. Users have access to previous file versions directly on the remote data servers. Use EDpCloud for PC backup, Laptop and Server online backup or to keep branch offices synchronized in real time between remote sites in different cities.

EDpCloud gives companies full control over their digital assets. All data is encrypted in transit, admins decide if files should be decrypted at rest or remain encrypted. Only authorised staff has access to data. EDpCloud uses standard openssl for encryption. EDpCloud uses a high speed data transfer protocol instead of FTP or HTTP.

A Faster Real Time and Scheduled Replication Software for Backup and Automation

Under Windows and Linux, EDpCloud replicates and backs up your data in real time or in a scheduled mode or both. You decide what data to replicate and backup in real time and EDpCloud does the rest. It moves only file changes. Adaptive compression and parallel streams are used to minimize bandwidth utilization, to maximize file transfer speeds and to reduce the backup time.This allows you to reduce transfer times significantly unlike FTP, HTTP and many other single stream based transfers. The unique parallel I/O algorithms (for both the disk and for network) help you move data faster to reduce windows of vulnerability and to make data available for decision making and the end points.


One to Many and Many to One Data Transfer For Backup and Content Distribution

Configure EDpCloud to continuously and to automatically sync data from one to location to many or from many locations to a single central site(backup consolidation). The file and directory sync solution helps consolidate online backup without the constraints of the the traditional server backup where data needs to be restored before using it. EDpCloud data protection allows access to data without the need to restore(faster data recovery); Hence making data available without loss of productivity. The real time data replication and backup module synchronizes files as they change to many remote systems and locations.

Enterprise folder and file sync functionality and capabilities

Monitor file sync and replication progress, get estimated time of data arrival before hand and detailed reporting. Get alerts about failures and examine the history of what was sent, where and when it was sent. EDpCloud preserves all permissions and access control lists during the backup and file sync process. Use a web browser to configure or use the command line to manage and integrate with your workflow. EDpCloud allows you to execute tasks before you send data and after you receive it.

Share and move data between your offices, your business processes and your partners

EDpCloud allows you to synchronize and backup data automatically between branch offices( for safe keeping and for data protection) or to move data between business processes. Businesses can also share data automatically between their data centres and their authorized partners. EDpCloud helps customers increase operation efficiencies and reduce costs.

One inter-operable solution for Windows, Mac/Apple, Linux on Intel, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc, AIX on Power Systems, Linux on Power Systems, etc.

EDpCloud file sync does not use ftp, instead it uses a robust protocol to automatically sync deltas and file changes between various operating systems. EDpCloud is one of the fastest data replication software for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris and AIX servers and desktops.

File synchronization between branch offices