Secure file replication software for automatic file transfer and synchronization between heterogeneous platforms and remote sites.

EDpCloud Real Time Sync: Reduces risks of data loss, reduces risks of data leaks and maximizes efficiency

EDpCloud is used for:
  • Data remote backup using file replication software with no proprietary formats
  • Data protection with no restore time: Data is accessible(No restore is needed)
  • Data aggregation from many different operating systems and sites
  • Data sharing accross systems and sites
  • Data migration to the cloud or between operating systems
  • Encrypted Data delivery for operations and decision making
  • Secure File Transfer, replication and remote available online backup
  • Moving large amounts of data automatically between systems and sites.

Use EDpCloud Cross Platform Machine to Machine File Sync and Transfer to keep your systems in sync.

  • Heterogenous virtual to virtual machine file sync
  • Heterogenous virtual to physical machine synchronization
  • Physical to virtual machine synchronization(and vice-versa)
  • Automatically sync files between PC, Apple, and network file servers
  • Replicate and sync betweeen heterogeneous servers, laptops, storage, networks and file systems
  • Send large files between geographic sites and systems
  • Consolidate online local and remote backups
  • Share and transfer files between local(LAN) and remote geographic sites(WAN)
  • Migrate, move or distribute data on a large scale and automatically
  • Protect data in transit and at rest using encryption
  • Sync data in realtime or using a schedule
  • One interoprerable solution for Windows, Mac/Apple, Linux on intel, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc, AIX on Power Systems, Linux on Power Systems, etc.
EDpCloud file sync does not use ftp, instead it uses a robust protocol to automatically sync deltas and file changes between various operating systems.

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