Secure file replication software for automatic file transfer and synchronization between heterogeneous platforms and remote sites.

Reducing risks of data loss, reducing risks data leaks and maximizing efficiency

EDpCloud is used for:
  • Data remote backup using file replication software with no proprietary formats
  • Data protection with no restore time: Data is accessible(No restore is needed)
  • Data aggregation from many different operating systems and sites
  • Data sharing accross systems and sites
  • Data migration to the cloud or between operating systems
  • Encrypted Data delivery for operations and decision making
  • Secure File Transfer, replication and remote available online backup
  • Moving large amounts of data automatically between systems and sites.

Use EDpCloud Cross Platform Machine to Machine File Transfer to keep your systems in sync.

  • Heterogenous virtual to virtual machine synchronization
  • Heterogenous virtual to physical machine synchronization
  • Physical to virtual machine synchronization(and vice-versa)
  • Automatically synchronize files between PC, Apple, and network file servers
  • Replicate betweeen heterogeneous servers, laptops, storage, networks and file systems
  • Send large files between geographic sites and systems
  • Consolidate online local and remote backups
  • Share and transfer files between local(LAN) and remote geographic sites(WAN)
  • Migrate, move or distribute data on a large scale and automatically
  • Protect data in transit and at rest using encryption.
  • One interoprerable solution for Windows, Mac/Apple, Linux on intel, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc, AIX on Power Systems, Linux on Power Systems, etc.