Automated file transfer, data synchronization and data migration professional services

Software, data, data sciences and data management automation services: Unix, Mac, Linux and Solaris

Data management services to solve file transfer and process automation challenges for global and distributed organizations

We help turn data into knowledge and insights. We allow you to access your data and reports quickly for effective and timely decision making. EDpCloud file transfer and synchronization software solution allows businesses to automate processes, reduce errors and risks.

Automated and secure folder sync, File sync, backup and restore for many platforms

Our team will help you automate and secure your folder synchronization, backup and restore operations between multiple platforms, multiple geographic regions
and between various stakeholders. Will help you sync files between Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris and any other UNIX. You can sync Windows to Linux, Linux to Windows, Mac to Windows, etc. You can sync to computers located on the same LAN, in other remote sites or in the cloud.

We help turn your data into knowledge and performance

Professional Services - a trusted and proven partner of business and government, creating software and implementations across multiple applications and systems, serving the creators and users of data. Secure data in its transit to single and multiple locations, driving organizational innovation and advantage with timely and comprehensive data for decision making. We will help you automate processes to reduce costs, reduce risks and increase productivity. We focus on solving problems on Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, AIX, Mac and Windows for businesses and the government.

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Your data where you want it, when you want it and how you want it.

Our Professional Services and Consulting Expertise

We help with IT process analysis and redesign for optimal performance and operational efficiency.
We help you meet your objectives, whether you want to explore parallel I/O, parallel distributed apps, high performance computing, improved big data analytics, data analysis, reporting or data delivery.

Some of our services

  • Special high performance software applications and systems
  • Help you build automatic secure folder and file sync tools into your work-flow and products
  • Integration of data flow management, secure data transfer with work-flow and operations
  • Automation of business processes for maximizing data productivity
  • NPV scenarios for proposed solutions
  • Technology performance optimization
  • High performance applications and distributed systems
  • Leveraging data for decision making and value creation
  • Risk analysis and business continuity design
  • Enterprise operating systems : Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix and Solaris

Data Migration and File Synchronization

Our data migration includes:

  • System to system
  • Site to site
  • Repository to repository and data store to other data stores
  • Platform to platform
  • Application to application
  • Geo replication and distributed processing

Our track record

EnduraData's professional services group draws on experience in research, development and implementation for universities, government national labs, government agencies, storage industry, health care, finance and more. Our knowledge spans data sciences, business processes and systems.

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