File Sync and Online Backup: EDpCloud’s Features and Benefits

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Introduction to EDpCloud file synchronization

EDpCloud’s file synchronization capabilities enable businesses to securely synchronize the content of one machine with a remote machine/location. By sending information to a remote, authorized location, data protection is ensured for the client, and important data, whether big or small, is kept intact, safe, and fully backed-up. Cross platform functionality simplifies the synchronization process of both files and directories and significantly reduces costs of synchronization, of backup, and of automation of operations.

EDpCloud software is cross platform and available to Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris sparc operating systems. Without major investments, this software garners team work and helps build synergy within business structures. Via EndurData’s website, EDpCloud is available to demo free-of-charge.

Why file sync and what’s in it for the user?

Because EnduraData provides companies with the source code for GUI, the source code can be modified to suite the customers’ needs. Users can dynamically prioritize transfers and individual jobs. Open file support allows businesses to create a snapshot of current state of files and to access files for transfer locked by outside applications. Both distribution and aggregation functionality are embedded within the software, enabling businesses to better work with partners and remote divisions, to migrate, to inter-operate, to consolidate data backup, to protect data, and to reduce costs. EDpCloud’s post and pre-processing features allows companies to completely automate workflow and operations.

Why EDpCloud online backup software?

Due to EDpCloud’s ability to detect conflict and to prioritize updates, synchronization speed is increased and valuable time and resources are saved. This software is case sensitive (so it works on all platforms) and is compatible with any TCP/IP network, thus allowing businesses to synchronize from literally anywhere. Automated data backup replaces old, slow, error-prone manual processes through EnduraData’s online backup service. In the case of real time products, renames and deletions can also be automatically propagated; furthermore, previous versions of files and directories can also be saved within the system, and can easily be accessed. All changes are streamlined thanks to delta copying, which acts to speed-up synchronization and to reduce bandwidth use as well as risk. Extensive logs allow administrator to examine history of file synchronization and of file changes.

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