EDpCloud data synchronization, replication and file mirroring software solutions.

EDpCloud is a cross platform data synchronization and file mirroring software solution for the enterprise, SMB and for government agencies.

EDpCloud is used to automate file mirroring and data backups across servers in the same data center or in remote locations.

EDpCloud is our premier enterprise solution for automating and for securing your organization’s data synchronization across multiple platforms and across multiple locations. EDpCloud is installed on your:

  • Existing infrastructure and hardware
  • New infrastructure or new hardware
  • Public clouds
  • Private cloud
  • Virtual machines
  • Physical servers
  • Hybrid clouds.

EDpCloud Use cases

  • Disaster tolerance

    EDpCloud disaster tolerance allows businesses to be resilient in the face of hardware failures, natural and man made disasters, ransomware and malware attacks. Talk to our engineers to see how.

  • Enterprise File Mirroring for Health Care Data

    Once installed, EDpCloud mirrors and synchronizes data between different operating systems, remote offices and clinics, partners, and stakeholders. If a file is changed in one location, it is automatically changed and synced across every location on the globe. Data is always up-to-date, secure, and properly organized. (Get the PDF)

  • File Mirroring by Clinical Research Organization

    After EDpCloud is installed and configured, it automatically begins to mirror files between multiple sites around the world. EDpCloud uses Windows and Linux bidirectional real-time file and directory sync and file replication to keep sensitive clinical data backed up, accurate, and secure. Staff and researchers in all locations can access the latest data. (Get the PDF )

  • Entreprise Real Time Data Replication for Law firms

    Law firms use EDpCloud to synchronize data in real time between branch offices in different parts of the country. (Get the PDF)

  • Automotive & Manufacturing

    Large global automotive company uses EDpCloud to sync data between incompatible Network Storage Appliances. Read more & get the PDF.

  • Universities

    Universities use EDpCloud to sync Windows and Linux in real time to Linux servers.

  • Government agencies

    Government agencies use EDpCloud to sync and distribute data between locations across the globe.

  • Architects

    Architects use EDpCloud for data migration, data sharing and data protection.

  • Financial Institutions

    Banks and other financial institutions use EDpCloud to sync logs and data from multiple locations to a single location.

Download a working demo of EDpCloud and call us. We will help you get going in minutes. You get free support during your trial period.

EDpCloud Provides Fast, Reliable, and Secure Automated Data Syncronization.

EDpCloud is leveraged by businesses and government agencies to mirror files between servers, to distribute data, to aggregate data and to protect data and streamline decision making.

EDpCloud Performs Cross Platform Georeplication

EDpCloud can sync data from your Windows server in Minneapolis with Windows servers in Boston, the Mac in your Rome branch office, the Linux server in New York, and the Solaris server in Dubai.

Our cutting-edge enterprise level file and folder synchronization software makes sure every part of your organization has the data it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. We understand that your data is the lifeblood of your organization. EDpCloud keeps the data flowing, in sync, and secure anywhere in the world.

EDpCloud data synchronization highlights

  • EDpCloud offers encrypted file and data sync for both local and remote backups
  • Data backups, synchronizations, and replication is automatic
  • EDpCloud has been designed from the ground up for speed, reliability, and security
  • The robust software solution provides end-to-end data protection
  • EDpCloud delivers fast, real-time and scheduled replication
  • The solution is perfect for one to one, one-to-many or many-to-one data transfers, backups, and content distribution
  • EDpCloud can be configured to continuously and to automatically sync data across several different platforms and locations simultaneously.
  • EDpCloud can be configured to sync data continuously and automatically across several different platforms and locations simultaneously.

EDpCloud runs on all Linux distributions, on Windows, Mac, Solaris and AIX.

We Customize EDpCloud to Work With Your Organization’s Workflow and Operations.

Your organization has its own workflow, its own security worries, and its own software and hardware issues. We work with you to customize EDpCloud to work with your business, including creating custom software for your business. Please see our services page for more information.

Your trial copy of EDpCloud comes with free support. Call us and we will help you get going in a few minutes.

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