Automated data protection, file synchronisation and data ingestion

Reduce costs and risks by automating data movement, mirroring,  delivery, protection and ingestion.

Automatic data flow & protection for healthcare, agencies & dynamic businesses.

EnduraData helps large healthcare companies (payers, providers, clinical research, Medvedev), agencies and businesses secure and automate data synchronization and file mirroring (in real-time) between different operating systems, applications, and geographic locations.

  • One way file replication and sync
  • Two-way file synchronization (bidirectional file replication)
  • Multiway file sync (multi-directional)
cross platform bidirectional replication

Data protection, data delivery and middleware

Mirror and synchronize healthcare data between different operating systems.

Automate data distribution and data aggregation between different operating systems and different geographic sites.

  • Automatically share data between systems, applications and people in remote sites
  • Protect digital assets
  • Leverage data.

    Linux-Windows bidirectional sync

    Automatic & secure file mirroring (bidirectional file replication) between Linux servers.

    Linux-Linux bidirectional replication

    Mirror and synchronize data between windows servers on the LAN or in different sites.

    Windows-Windows bidirectional replication

    Sync, Mirror & Deliver Data

    EnduraData solutions:

    • Mirrors data between the same or different operating systems.
    • Synchronises data between different sites
    • Delivers data between geographic locations.

    EnduraData supports many operating systems:

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Solaris
    • Aix
    • OpenBSD
    • etc.

    Flexible topologies help transfer data in real-time, on-demand, or using a schedule:

    • One site too many
    • Many sites to one
    • Many to many
    • Unidirectional replication
    • Bidirectional file replication (file mirroring)
    • Multi-directional replication
    • Cascaded transfers
    • Aggregation & Consolidation
    • Distribution

    Embed with your own applications and DevOps:

    • Integrate with enterprise applications
    • Move data between applications

    Other uses:

    Need a special-purpose application for your analytics or operations? Will help you build it!

    EnduraData file replication and file sync solutions run:

    • On customers’ existing hardware
    • On customers’ cloud
    • On public clouds
    • On virtual machines
    • On Clusters
    • In Linux containers
    • On physical servers
    • On laptops
    • etc

    EnduraData provides:

    • The software
    • Services for integration with operations
    • Training
    • Support
    • Other expertise as needed to automate data protection, data delivery, data distribution, data ingestion, and analysis.
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