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File replication software email alerts

Version 4.1.7 of EDpCloud file replication software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris x86 and Solaris Sparc will include automated email alerts and reporting. For example, if a failure occurs an email will be sent automatically to notify the system administrator the error. Alerts can be delivered via authenticated smtp, sendmail or mail. The administrators will now be able to be proactive and discover any network or subsystems failures immediately and take action to ensure data delivery on time where it needs to be gone. There is nothing worse than thinking that your data is where you want it to wake up in the morning and find out
that you just violated your service level agreement. EDpCloud Alerts will help solve that problem. You can now monitor how your data distribution, data synchronization and end point backup is working and even more. Keep reading …

File synchronization and replication reports

Another Capability that is added to 4.1.7 is the ability to automatically email reports. The reports can be extended to include storage information, network statistics and other performance data. This will allow the system administrator to monitor their file replication software and the progress of automated file synchronization. For example, you can create a schedule to send you custom reports using file replication software reporting, by calling your own custom report from one of edcustom* scripts.

What some users and doing to extend file replication email alerts and reporting

Some early beta customers come up with a lot of different customization scripts to automate processing and to email reports to various users in their organization. Other users for example used the reporting for storage monitoring to be proactive about disk space utilization and I/O performance and monitoring.

The default content of edcustom includes edstat and edjob outputs.

See edalerts.cfg.html or edalerts.cfg manual page for details.

EDpCloud file software v 4.1.7 is expected to be released by the end of August.

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