File sync replication software v4.1.7 coming in Aug 2014.

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Our engineers are working to deliver alerts on certain events for EDpCloud file synchronization software. Each time a certain fatal event occurs, the file replication software will notify the replication server administrator about the failure via an email. Version 4.1.7 includes two more new features and is scheduled for release before the end of August 2014. Stay tuned.

To illustrate what EDpCloud file replication and synchronization software does and what problems it solves I created this image from a press release that we have.

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Here are the 6 problems solved by EDpCloud file replication software:

1. File synchronization: synchronize one to one to create a remote backup for data protection
2. Data distribution: Move and distribute data from one location to many locations to allow multiple dispersed groups to have access to the same files as a central location.
3. Migrate data between Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc.
4. Automate the workflow
5. Aggregate big data for decision making
6. Deliver data to partners and remote offices securely and automatically.


Read more about EDpCloud replication software:

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