EnduraData at Supercomputing 2018

S. Dimitri file mirroring software

A message from Allan Torres (For SC18 friends!)

Look for me at the supercomputing 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

If you landed on this page, that means you got one of my cards for a no charge download of EDpCloud.

And If you got my special invite (handshake!), just drop me a line after you download the software and I will send you your complimentary license.

Before you go:  You can call me or call  EDpCloud support team for assistance (Even if you did not get the special SC18 invite).

Just as a reminder, EDpCloud is a software suite that is used to synchronize data in real time, on a schedule or on demand between platforms and geographic locations.

Download your copy of EDpCloud

As I discussed with many of you, EDpCloud has many uses. The most common are:

  • Moving and synchronizing data between nodes, clusters, sites, clouds, etc.
  • Data migration without service interruption
  • Data protection
  • Data replication
  • Data distribution
  • Data Archiving
  • International and National data exchanges
  • And believe it or not, data partitioning ( Can you say partition loads between nodes and clusters!)

Please note:

I know most of you in the high performance computing (HPC) community use Linux, so make sure you download the 64 bit package and get a temporary license until I send you your SC18.

EDpCloud software suite is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, OpenBSD, Solaris, AIX, etc.

Happy HPC folks!


Download your copy now

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