EDpCloud File Synchronization and File Replication Software Version 4.1.6

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Eden Prairie, Minnesota, July 09, 2014 – EnduraData, Inc (https://www.enduradata.com) has released version 4.1.6 of EDpCloud. The cross platform file synchronization, file replication and big data aggregation software is used to synchronize heterogeneous and disparate systems, aggregate big data and distribute content automatically and securely between geographic regions worldwide. EDpCloud file replication allows businesses and government agencies to move data, protect and leverage data for decision making by using automatic and encrypted file synchronization. The data is encrypted during the transport and at rest. System administrators have the option to decrypt data after it is received or let it remain encrypted at the end point to protect it from unauthorized remote access. EDpCloud reduces windows of vulnerabilities by protecting data and by eliminating the need to restore since the data is accessible on the remote sites by authorized users without any other additional software. Unlike basic level backup software, EnduraData does not use proprietary file formats to store data. Since the data is readable, it is usable immediately for workflow, for processing, for disaster recovery or for sharing. The new version of EDpCloud allows companies to share remote data via proprietary and open systems protocols. Furthermore, users can access the remote data using web services such as WebDAV protocols or native file systems. EDpCloud version 4.1.6 also supports windows UNC paths as a source and as a target.
“Using EDpCloud, companies can easily migrate data to public and private clouds, move from one cloud provider to another cloud provider, move data between data centers, move and synchronize data automatically between branch offices or managed service providers’ facilities. Since only data changes are replicated, significant bandwidth cost reductions are achieved while reducing the downtime and risks.” said Rich Gruenhagen, EnduraData’s vice president.
EDpCloud can be configured to move data from one site to many sites, aggregate data from multiple remote sites to a single site or use meshes to cascade content between multiple networks.
A free trial of the software is available by visiting: https://www.enduradata.com

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