Data Replication for AIX and LINUX On IBM Power 7 hardware

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EnduraData EDpCloud™ file replication to support synchronization and data migration between the cloud, Linux, Windows, Mac, UNIX and AIX and LINUX On IBM Power 7 hardware.

Apr. 16, 2014 – EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — EnduraData announced the availability of technology designed to help customers maximize data utility on their proprietary and non-proprietary hardware and operating systems. EDpCloud, a cross-platform file replication and synchronization solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris x86, Solaris on sparc, IBM AIX on IBM Power 7. Linux on IBM Power7) is now available.

EnduraData is delivering robust data movement and management solutions for cross platform architectures and operating systems worldwide.

EnduraData, Inc releases version 4.1.5 of its EDpCloud cross platform file replication and synchronization solution for data protection and accelerated data distribution.

The new version includes a friendly web-based user interface that helps users configure backup and manage replication from any node, anywhere. The ease of use reduces configuration and management costs. EDpCloud enables companies to use their own private cloud, to leverage public clouds such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft and to use hybrid clouds. Enterprises can use the solution to migrate to the cloud without service interruption.

“EnduraData has worked with open systems and proprietary vendors for many years. With the addition of Linux and other proprietary UNIX on the proprietary architecture, we will help vendors move data between heterogeneous platforms, between different operating systems and between different cloud providers as well” said A. El Haddi, EnduraData’s CTO and architect.
The port to IBM Power Systems, AIX and Linux on P7 will practically help companies move data with the major platforms now using a single unified solution.

Visit to find out more about the new proprietary hardware and operating systems supported by EnduraData’s EDpCloud.

EDpCloud file replication and data synchronization software is designed to:

• Synchronize, transfer and replicate data from any operating system to any other operating system
• Protect data and share content between business processes in one or multiple geographic locations automatically
• Reduce risks of data loss, risks of data leaks and costs of content distribution and content sharing between authorized users and systems
• Lower TCO by leveraging existing hardware, storage and infrastructure
• Eliminate the time required for data access or recovery, thus reducing windows of vulnerability and giving the business the ability to recover from a disaster in no time
• Aggregate big data from many locations to a single or multiple nodes and sites
• Give the users the freedom to move between platforms, operating systems and cloud providers.

VARS, MSPs, consultants and solution providers need to register with EnduraData for free training and to become a reseller or solution provider.

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