File synchronization for online backup and branch office data movement

Real time file synchronization software:

EDpCloud real time file synchronization software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX and your favorite UNIX!

Uses of EDpCloud file transfer, file replication and file synchronization software

Helping systems staff reduce labor costs and risks associated with data transfer and data protection.
The automated data replication software eliminates errors and risks of data delivery and data synchronization.

File synchronization between branch offices

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What you can do with EDpCloud's cross platform file transfer and file synchronization software?

With EDpCloud data replication software you will achieve:

  • Automated secure file transfer, replication and remote available online backup
  • Remote data backup using file replication software with no proprietary formats
  • Data protection with no restore time: Data is accessible(No restore is needed)
  • Data aggregation from many different operating systems and sites
  • Data sharing across systems and sites
  • Data migration to the cloud or between operating systems
  • Encrypted data delivery for operations and decision making
  • Moving large amounts of data automatically between systems and sites
  • Protected data in transit and at rest using encryption
  • Syncing data in real time or using a schedule between Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Automate file distribution between offices and geographic locations

EDpCloud file sync and replication software: a cross platform enterprise solution

EDpCloud file synchronization software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and AIX keeps
all systems synchronized for online backup, workflow synchronization and automation,
data protection and sharing between stake holders. Copy files securely between systems and offices.
Update file changes using advanced computer synchronization technology.

EDpCloud supports:

  • Heterogeneous virtual to virtual machine file sync
  • Heterogeneous virtual to physical machine synchronization
  • Physical to virtual machine synchronization(and vice-versa)
  • Automatic syncing of files between PC, Apple, and network file servers
  • Replication and syncing between heterogeneous servers, laptops, storage, networks and file systems
  • Sending large files between geographic sites and systems
  • Consolidation of online local and remote backups
  • Sharing and transferring files between local(LAN) and remote geographic sites(WAN).
  • Automated file distribution between systems, regions and branch offices

Uses cases of file sync and file transfer

Read use cases of EDpCloud file synchronization in manufacturing, healthcare and finance