How is your Enterprise like the Tower of Babel?

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To paraphrase the biblical tale – people that once started out in harmony, with a similar vision, speaking the same language changed big time.

Different groups suddenly began acting differently and it was almost like they were speaking a different language. Communication between groups became difficult, in some cases, impossible.

Many businesses today have reached the same point.

Imagine that you have been in business a few years. You’ve grown – added branches, acquired  or merged with other companies. You’re geographically dispersed.

What’s happened?

For one thing, technology has changed, so the systems you started with are no longer aligned with your business requirements. With growth through merging and acquiring, you’ve come to own a hybrid mix of different technologies.

Different hardware, different software and their respective tools to keep them working.

Throw in the fact that both business requirements and technology are constantly evolving – and now you’ve got the United Nations of IT within your organization.

It’s late 2013 and I recently read about an organization that still uses floppy disks with some of their hardware.

So – if your goal is to standardize business processes across your enterprise, how do you align your IT resources to bring harmony back to IT?

What are specific steps you’ve taken to ensure security, make it easier to share data and mitigate risks – all while controlling your IT spend?

— Steven

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