EDpCloud Data Synchronization Software

Enterprise File Sync, File Replication and Managed File Transfer(MFT) Solution

synchronize data between operating systems

Sync and replicate files between systems and remote sites

EnduraData EDpCloud automates file transfer, data synchronization and data movement between operating systems and remote geographic sites.

Replicate and transfer files anywhere

EDpCloud ™ allows businesses and agencies to replicate files and to synchronize data between clouds, between company branches, between business partners and between various operating systems. EDpCloud is a replication software solution that runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris and other Unix operating systems.

You decide where EDpCloud runs and how to run it. EnduraData provides you with the software and the professional services you need. You provide your own infrastructure. You have access to your data where you need it and when you need it the most. Unhappy with your cloud provider?

EDpCloud will help you migrate it without down time. Worried about data loss? EDpCloud will help you protect your data.

Experience EDpCloud Speed and Reliability.
EnduraData Support

Move, mirror and transfer data between systems and regions with EDpCloud file geo replication. Do it with confidence and with Integrity.

Sync your files, distribute and move your data with integrity

EDpCloud allows you to automate file synchronization between different operating systems and between geographic sites. With EDpCloud you will:

  • Protect data
  • Leverage data
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce Risks
  • Increase efficiency.
Global Linux bi-directional file replication

Use EDpCloud for data backup and data protection to reduce data loss risks.

best server replication  real time

EDpCloud's automated and secure file synchronization mirrors files between servers. It works on individual files, directories or entire file systems. Leverage guaranteed secure data delivery and file transfer between multiple geographic locations for data protection, online backup, workflow and business processes automation.

EDpCloud works on LANs, WANs, private and public networks such as the internet.

Email enduradata for real time replication

EDpCloud secure data transmission safeguards digital assets in transit and at rest against industrial espionage and theft.

Move data automatically and securely between systems, remote offices and trading partners.

EDpCloud Synchronizes data automatically between Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and UNIX.

All data is encrypted during the transfer and at rest.

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