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Cross platform data replication software for businesses and agencies.

EnduraData automatic and secure data synchronization software allows you to replicate data between multiple operating systems and geographic locations.

Automated data synchronization & data protection

EDpCloud data replication and synchronization software(for Windows. Linux, Mac and other OSs) helps reduce costs and risks and improves productivity.

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Linux bidirectional file and data replication
Replicate data between Linux servers and VMs.

Linux and Windows bidirectional file replication
Replicate data between Linux & Windows servers and VMs.

Windows to Windows bidirectional file replication
Replicate data between Windows servers and VMs.

What are our customers saying?

EDpCloud works perfectly and seamlessly

EDpCloud software performed very well. Outstanding support and Services
Senior Operations Engineer, very large healthcare company (>$17 Billion dollars).

EDpCloud is rock solid & Support is fabulous
-- KB, Sys admin, INAV, GOV agency.

EnduraData helped us have a reliable data delivery between countries.
Titus, Senior network Engineer, JSS, Clinical research.
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Automated & Secure Cross Platform Real Time Data Replication Software

    Reduce risks  & costs with EDpCloud automated data replication software:

    • Automate data movement and workflow
    • Automate data migration
    • Automate data protection
    • Make data available anywhere
    • Reduce risks of data leaks
    • Reduce risks of data loss Improve data protection
    • Leverage your own infrastructure, the cloud or both
    • Break silos
    • Deliver & leverage data
    • Reduce OPEX & CAPEX

    Replicate & sync data automatically between:

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • Open BSD
    • etc.

    Replicate data between different platforms:

    • Any OS
    • Any Hardware
    • Any file systems.

    Replicate between different sites and different operating systems.

      Replicate data between infrastructures:

      • Any data center
      • Any cloud
      • Your existing infrastructure
      • Your partners’ servers
      • Your VMs
      • Your servers
      • Their VMs
      • Their servers
      • etc.

      Get a free copy today.

      Gain a competitive advantage with EDpCloud.

      •   Replicate data anywhere automatically and securely
      • Synchronize and mirror files between different operating systems and between geographic locations
      • Use your own storage,servers or the cloud
      • Reduce bandwidth utilisation and improve performance
      • Tolerate network failures
      • Tolerate Hardware failures
      • Reduce costs and risks dramatically
      • Leverage data for decision making.

      Download your free demo and get free support for a proof of concept.

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