Why partner with EnduraData

    Transfer files between systems and offices.

    By partnering with EnduraData, your customers will:

  • Automate real time data movement and transfer between sites, branch offices and heterogeneous systems
  • Aggregate data for forensic and analytic tools and interface with external processing apps
  • Prevent data loss
  • Protect data in transit, in motion and at rest, therefore eliminating leaks
  • Dramatically reduce risks of data loss
  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Increase data availability, reliability and resiliency
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Enhance data aggregation, data migration and data consolidation
  • Pull in data from multiple sources for analysis and efficient decision making
  • Improve organizational risk management
  • Build continuous monitoring of data, logs etc
  • Archive logs, files, etc
  • Automate business processes and data delivery
  • Move data seamlessly between processes and systems
  • One to many file transfer and file replication
  • Many to one file replication and file sync
  • Support of multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, Aix, other UNIX) with one product to reduce management costs
  • Unmatched professional services
  • Unmatched professional support
  • High performing application deployed by customers in many fields.

  • By partnering with EnduraData, your company will:

  • Add value and move up the value chain by solving customers' critical data challenges
  • Receive a continuous annual revenue stream from EnduraData's subscription pricing model
  • Provide customers with hardware, storage and servers.
  • Get support in the sales and implementation process
  • Customer support provided by EnduraData
  • Leverage EDpCloud to solve customer challenges and drive additional sales from services and data storage
  • Protected opportunities with a registration program.

  • Call 952-746-4160 for more information.

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