Real time file sync and data synchronization sofware videos

These are some videos that show how EDpCloud real time file sync and automatic file transfer can help you replicate data in real time to one or more remote locations.

What is EDpCloud data synchronization software, real time sync and file transfer (and scheduled file sync)

The explainer video series of EDpCloud data synchronization software.

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Download EDpCloud: & sync your data and transfer files automatically

The real time sync keeps your data in sync:

As files change in one or more locations, the file changes (deltas) are synchronized automatically and securely to one or more locations and systems.

You can use EDpCloud to move data automatically between remote sites and between platforms for safe keeping, for quick and effective decision making.

Cost effective and reliable data migration and realtime sync

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Migrate your data automatically and securely

  • Reduce cost of data migration between systems
  • Reduce down time during data migration
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase efficiency and availability

Try EDpCloud & solve your sync challenges

Solving the headaches of file and data sychronization for IT staff

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EDpCloud in 30 seconds

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File Transfer for Change

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Simplify and streamline your operations by automating and securing file synchronization between remote offices and branches

  • EDpCloud runs on Linux, AIX, Mac, Windows, Solaris and other Unix
  • It streamlines the file transfer between systems
  • It automates data replication and file transfer
  • It frees your system administrators to be more productive
  • It eliminates the risks of errors and of data leaks
  • It automates your operations
  • It protects your data
  • It makes data available at your finger tips for effective decision making.

Download EDpCloud & protect your data

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