What do you want to accomplish with entreprise file synchronization

EDpCloud transports and syncs data securely, efficiently and automatically

This is a brief note about what kind of challenges are overcome with EDpCloud data synchronization software solutions. The solution is used to automate remote online backup and data synchronization between heterogeneous systems and distributed branch offices and data centers.

  • Transfer data securely and automatically

    Sync files between different hardware platforms.

  • Sync between operating systems

    Repicate data between different operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux. Solaris, AIX.

  • Sync files between branch offices & remote sites

    Repicate between systems located in many regions.

  • Leverage data for decision making

    EDpCloud bridges the gap between where data is created and where it is used to make business decisions.

  • Cross platform data distribution

    EDpCloud maximizes the value of the data by solving real time problems.

  • Sync & avoid data leaks

    EDpCloud reduces costs and risks inherent to data movement across systems and networks.

  • Automated file transfer

    Automate data delivery and transfer to remote sites and between business processes.

  • Flexible & scalable file sync

    Flexible synchronization between Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc.

  • Many uses for the same solution

    Server mirroring, data migration, backup consolidation, content distribution, inter-cloud data synchronization.

  • Feature rich data synchronization

    Unified management, alerts, audit trail, one to many, many to one, compression, encryption, parallel I/O.

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