jobs ( No H1B VISAS! No VISA sponsorship)

No phone calls, please. Send CV/Resume as a PDF file to hr AT our website name.

Please do not contact us for outsourcing. We do not outsource.

Read about EnduraData's Practices.

EnduraData will not employ any racists or people with any past or present discrimination history.

Job listing at EnduraData (OPEN)

Multiple sales positions are open. Please send your resume if you meet the following criteria:

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum BS or BA degree
  • Ability to work with a diverse group
  • Experience in one or or more: selling software solutions,data storage solutions, data security solutions or IT services
  • Minimum B+ grade in formal English writing
  • You are not a racist
  • You are an anti-racist.

Requirements (Two positions available)

  • Minimum a BS in computer science or software engineering or equivalent
  • Four years managing heterogeneous systems that must include at least Linux, Windows.
  • Desired: Administration of AIX, Solaris or HP UX
  • Desired: Administration of OpenBSD
  • Very familiar with software builds, Makefiles, make, gcc, etc.
  • Network management experience
  • General systems and network troubleshooting
  • Desirable: familiar with multiple backup and replication products

The following jobs are now closed as of sept 4th 2020 but please submit your CV

Job listing at EnduraData (CLOSED)

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