Data synchronization software solutions for multiple operating systems

Cross platform data replication software

EDpCloud cross platform data synchronization software solution allows you to automatically synchronize your data between operating systems and geographic locations. The file replication solution protects your data by continuously backing up files as they change to a one ore more remote locations. Only files that have changed are sent and only deltas are sent to reduce windows of vulnerabilities to data loss and to reduce the amount of resources used (Bandwidth, etc).

Uses for Cross Platform File Synchronization, Folder and File Replication Solution for Linux, Mac, UNIX, Windows

Use EDpCloud to automatically synchronize files fetween PC, Apple, and Network File Servers.
EnduraData’s file synchronization and file replication software is used to automate file transfer, file and folder updates between systems and geographic sites.

The software solution provides remote online PC and server backup as well as encrypted large scale accelerated data distribution, migration and aggregation.

File changes are monitored in real time on Windows and Linux and only file changes are sent to the remote site. This reduces the time to sync files and it also reduces the amount bandwidth used.

Why consider EDpCloud as a data synchronization software solution?

  • Cross platform replication

    It synchronizes files between Linux, Mac, Open Solaris, Windows, Solaris and other UNIX flavors.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure

    The file synchronization and replication software works with existing hardware and networks.

  • Runs on any network

    The file sync solution can be used on a LAN, WAN or over the Internet.

  • Same software on multiple OSs

    The solution synchronizes data between different operating systems.

  • Sync to local or remote sites

    It synchronizes data between remote sites using private or public networks.

  • Flexible, dynamic, secure and automatic file & folder sync

    Figure out what files and folders you want to stay in sync and let EDpCloud sync them automatically and securely for you.

  • Flexible real time or scheduled file sync

    Choose between automatic file synchronization and replication, on demand synchronization and real time synchronization.

  • Reduce Costs and risks

    Slash labor costs, reduce risks of errors and of data loss.

Mirror files, folders or whole file systems between sites.

Automate file synchronization and file mirroring

EDpCloud allows system administrators to mirror folders between systems feet or thousands of miles away in different locations and different data centers. EDpCloud is configured to include or exclude files and folders that match certain characters (using patterns or regular expressions).

sync files to a remote site

Replicate data from many sites to a single site.

sync files over LAN

Mirror files between servers on the same LAN

distribute content to many sites

Synchronize data from one site or location to multiple locations.

What can be done with the file transfer software programs in EDpCloud?

  • Automated file sync & mirroring

    Automatically synchronize files and transfer data between Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac and vice versa.

  • Managed file transfer between different systems

    Synchronize and transfer files from PC to PC, PC to Mac, Apple to PC, etc.

  • Data migration

    Cross platform data migration and file synchronization.

  • Ingest and aggregate data from many sources

    Automate work flow, reporting, data ingestion, big data aggregation and content delivery.

  • Remote online backup

    Backup Windows files and folders to Linux, Mac, Solaris, etc and vice versa.

  • Consolidate backups & protect data

    Sync files, sync folders from many computers to a single computer.

  • Move data securely & automatically

    Sync folders securely and automatically from one computer to many computers.

  • Automate data delivery

    Encrypt data and automate report delivery for compliance and security purposes.

  • Share data with partners

    You can access data on the remote system(s) without any software agents. You will not be locked in.

  • Perfect workflows

    Automate tasks and build efficient workflow processes.

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File and Folder Transfer features

  • Secure & automatic file sync

    Cross platform secure automated remote data synchronization, distribution and sharing between rightful legal owners and stakeholders.

  • Backup of different OSs

    Heterogeneous automated data transfer for remote on-line backup.

  • High performance file sync

    Very small memory foot print. Written in C and C++ Not Java.

  • Cross platform replication

    Cross platform managed and secure folder and file data transfer between PCs, Apple Laptops, Network File Servers, etc.

  • One to one, one to many, many to one file replication

    Supported configurations include one to one, many to one and one to many. Create complex meshes or cascaded configurations.

  • Versatile uses of the file sync

    Automate your work flow, your backup, your archive and your data distribution with one solution.

Managed File Transfer and Cross Platform Data Replication Benefits

EDpCloud EnduraData

Protect and Leverage Data

By mirroring and synchronizing files and folders between systems and remote sites you will you protect data and make it available for decision makers on time as well. No proprietary file formats are used to store files.

  • Slash costs

    Reduce costs and increase ROI by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

  • Reduce TCO

    Reduce total cost of ownership while protecting your data.

  • Data protection

    Protect your data while in transit, automate data sharing between work groups, remote offices and processes.

  • Increase efficiency

    Improve efficiency by automating processes, sharing data and reducing costs.

  • Improve compliance

    Comply with reporting and data privacy.

  • Improve operations

    Lower the workload and cost of your IT and operations.

  • Reduce risks

    Reduce risks from errors, hardware and process failures.

  • Improve reliability

    Help your IT staff reduce costs, reduce risks, increase efficiency and improve operations reliability.

  • Improve overall results

    The result: Improved operational efficiency at great savings.

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  • Real-time replication for servers
  • Real Time Replication for Linux
  • Real Time Replication for Windows
  • Cross platform server replication for Windows, Linux, AIX, Mac, Solaris and Other Unix.
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