File replication and automated managed secure file transfer solution.

Sync files and share between sites and send large and huge files

Automatically replicate and sync data between platforms and locations

EDpCloud is a cross platform file transfer solution (but not ftp) and file replication to sync and share data securely and automatically between non homogeneous systems on the LAN, MAN, WLAN, MESH or WAN. The solution is used to automate data protection and data sharing between branch offices, business processes and server nodes.

Is risk of losing data or poor business processes performance keeping you awake at night? if so, this is for you.
Don't let a corrupt disk drive, a corrupt backup or a corrupt file get you and your business in hot water.
Don't rely on the old FTP. Instead, automate your file transfer using EDpCloud and achieve efficiencies of scale
Build your own cloud backup or use existing cloud backup providers. EDpCloud will allow you to move data between cloud providers.

EDpCloud is used to replicate data automatically between geographic sites for data sharing, workflow and for online remote PC or server backup.
EDpCloud allows you to synchronize and share files between geographic locations and between systems.
EDpCloud Solves many business challenges.

Synchronize Data
Share Files
Online Backup To Remote Locations
Move, Migrate or Aggregate Data

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Synchronize data across multiple hardware, operating systems platforms and geographic regions

using file transfer and file replication to distribute data and huge files between operating systems and sites

EDpCloud file transfer and replication solution has the same look and feel and inter-operates on Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX. The software allows you to:

  • Securely send large files and share with authorized users
  • Sync entire directories and file systems in bulk from system to system -- performing automatic synchronization
  • Perform encrypted remote online backup for all platforms
  • Integrate automatic encrypted file transfer with workflow
  • Encrypt all data communications between sites
  • Share data between machines in different geographic sites
  • Synchronize and backup data on the LAN and on the WAN
  • Backup data online to your own private cloud or to public clouds.

How does EDpCloud data protection, file replication, synchronization and managed file transfer work?

file transfer, file replication, online remote backup consolidation

EDpCloud is a Machine to Machine file transfer software solution. With EDpCloud:

  • You configure a system to send files to one or more PCs or servers on the LAN or on the internet
  • You configure many servers to send to a single server thus consolidating backups or aggregating content
  • You configure scheduled synchronization or real time file replication
  • File changes are updated quickly and automatically, ensuring timely real time backup
  • Compression is used to reduce the amount of data sent across the network
  • The files are stored in a flat system and are not in a proprietary format
  • The file replication software will keep all systems in sync
  • The replication and backup software will resume transfers from where it left off in case of a network outage.

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Challenges solved by EDpCloud file replication and managed file transfer:

  • Machine to machine and site to site synchronization
  • Send large files from one PC to one or many PCs
  • Securely backup a PC or server or many PCs or servers to a single server
  • Aggregate backups to a single location
  • Distribute and share file and knowledge to increase efficiency
  • Backup files for end to end protection.
  • Cloud to cloud data migration and synchronization
  • Aggregate content and consolidate backups.
  • Avoid data leaks and increase compliance
  • Ingest data automatically to enterprise processes
  • Build your own appliance and limit access to it
  • No proprietary file formats
  • No ftp, no Java, efficient, fast and cost effective
  • Basic training included, no monthly fees, no per user charges, no per byte charge.
  • What kind of networks, configurations, topologies and operating systems are supported?


    • LAN
    • WAN
    • MAN
    • WLAN
    • Private
    • Public.


    • One to One
    • Many to One
    • Unidirectional
    • Bidirectional
    • Cascaded: One to Many to Many, Many to Many
    • Meshes.

    Operating systems

    • Linux on Intel
    • Linux on IBM Power
    • Mac
    • Solaris x86
    • Solaris Sparc
    • Windows
    • Aix on IBM Power
    • Other Unix Platforms