File replication case studies

Automating enterprise file transfer and data synchronization use cases

The amount of data within businesses is increasing at an exponential rate and net profits depend on leveraging it. This “Big Data” expansion creates new challenges, which include:

  • Sharing data across national and international networks in a timely and secure fashion
  • Providing enterprise backup and business continuity capabilities
  • Facilitating consolidation and aggregation from disparate systems and different locations
  • Leveraging data for faster and effective decision making
  • Costs, risks of errors, of loss and of breaches during data transmission are likely to be high.

Companies can now share data faster and with the confidence that it will be secured, transmitted, stored and organized for business continuity, storage and effective decision making.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Using EDpCloud to automate and secure health care data synchronization between multiple sites reduces costs, errors and risks and helps improve care delivery.

Download this HIE paper

The paper covers the problem of exchanging Protected Health Information, Health Information Exchange, Health IT and how a $15 billion health care payer and provider is using EdpCloud for bidirectional file replication and sync under Linux.

File Replication: A case study about manufacturing

Download file replication use case in manufacturing.

This case study shows how a manufacturing company uses EDpCloud to automate data distribution between various plants.

File Replication: A case study about healthcare

Download the file replication use case in healthcare.

This case study shows how a healthcare company automates file transfer, improves workflow, reduces costs, errors and risks.

File Replication: A case study about finance

Download the file replication use case in finance.

This cases study shows how a financial institution transfers files, moves data and speeds up data processing and file sharing between branch offices.

File synchornization in universities

IAV: An engineering university uses EDpcloud for cross platform data protection of Linux and Windows Servers.