EnduraData Services

Create Custom Solutions to Turn Data into Knowledge and Insights

We offer automated, professional data migration, data synchronization, and file transfer services. We draw from our deep knowledge of data sciences, business processes, and systems to identify and solve the key issues in your organization.

Our team brings experience from research and development as well as industrial implementation from a variety of different sectors to solve your organization’s biggest data and file issues.

Data Management Services

  • We work with global and distributed organizations to setup and troubleshoot an automated file transfer process
  • We help you turn data into insights
  • We help generate reports with up-to-the-minute data to improve decision making and to give your organization a competitive edge
  • We help automate data management to reduce errors and risks with increasing speed and efficiency
  • We help reduce costs and increase productivity.

Automated Secure Folder Sync, File Sync, Backup, and Data Restoration

  • We help you create secure automated processes for your folder synchronization and backups across multiple platforms and geographic regions
  • We help you automate your data backup and data protection
  • We create automated processes to restore operations on multiple platforms
  • Our team works with you to sync files across Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, and any other UNIX based platform
  • Sync local computers on the same LAN or across the world in a secure private or public cloud server
  • We help you deliver data to your distributed applications
  • We help you leverage data while protecting it at the same time
  • We help aggregate and distribute data between systems, applications and locations.
  • Our team creates software and develops implementations for businesses and government agencies to secure data while improving ease of authorized access
  • Data is secured in transit to a single location or to multiple locations across the world
  • Our automated processes reduce costs, reduce risks of data loss, and increase productivity and innovation
  • Our team focuses on solving problems on Linux, Solaris, Unix, AIX, Mac, and Windows.

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Data Migration and File Synchronization Services

We work with you to automate, and create the ideal solutions when you need to migrate, protect or leverage data:

  • System to system file sync
  • Site to site file sync
  • Platform to platform synchronization
  • Cloud and inter-cloud migrations
  • Repository to repository mirroring
  • Data store to other data stores
  • Application to application data sharing and sync
  • Geo replication and distributed processing.

IT Systems & DevOps Consulting

Our team of experts works with you to evaluate your current IT processes and to redesign your systems for optimal performance. We also consult on a variety of different data  and systems issues related to moving, syncing, protecting and leveraging data.

We focus on creating systems with maximum operational efficiency.

We consult on:

  • Integration of EDpCloud with new or existing operations
  • Data driven processes automation
  • Parallel I/O
  • Parallel distributed apps
  • Higher performance computing
  • Improved big data analytics
  • Data analysis & Reporting
  • Data Delivery
  • High performance software applications and systems
  • Building automated tools that sync folders and files within your workflow and with external partners
  • Integrate data flow management
  • Secure data transfer within your workflow
  • Develop customized solutions to automate business processes for maximum data productivity
  • Risk analysis and business continuity.

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